See What Superstar’s Child Teena Marie Was Practically Forced To Raise!

Posted On : December 5, 2015

fb teena10 Teena Marie did an interview not too long before she sadly passed away and the stories she told about how she ended up raising the child of a mega superstar we all know, is actually pretty funny. The superstar in question is none other than her ex, Rick James, and the way Teena’s story will have you crackin’ up, even though she was revealing a serious situation that was definitely news to us. This parental arrangement between she and Rick worked out perfectly in the end though.

Rick James has three children, but it was Teena who actually raised his middle child, Rick James Jr., for him. As if that wasn’t enough to make the ladies clutch their pearls and the fellas give a resounding “Say what?!!,” the way Teena actually explained how she ended up being Rick Jr.’s ‘mother’ is even more surprising and interesting. [YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO OF TEENA SAYING THIS BELOW ALSO]

teena and rick young2When asked in an interview about how many children she has, Teena replied:

“I have a daughter who sings….she’s really awesome…she’s with me every night [performing] and she goes by the name of Rose LeBeouf (Rose has since changed her stage name to Alia Rose).

I have also helped to raise many children. I have four other ‘daughters’ that call me Mom and..I raised Rick’s (Rick James) son, little Ricky. And um, Rick was a funny cat, he um, he couldn’t find his kids (laughs and shakes her head). Cocaine is a helluva drug (crowd laughs).

So his sister and I, we went looking for Ty and lil’ Rick, and we…

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