See Why Eddie Murphy’s Brother, Charlie, Said Eddie Had To Fire Him

Posted On : November 21, 2015

fb eddie murphy and charlie murphyCharlie Murphy, is known for many things- he’s known as Eddie Murphy’s big brother, a very¬†funny comedic actor, one of the most entertaining storytellers ever and lastly, he’s known as Eddie Murphy’s former security guard. Now, those last two descriptions we just mentioned are the two most important pertaining to this article. Charlie shared a very funny story about the time he was the ¬†head of security for Eddie back in the day. This was before we knew him as the Charlie Murphy from The Chapelle Show. Back then he was just Charlie, the hot headed security guy for Eddie, key words being ‘hot headed.’

eddie and charlieCharlie said Eddie ultimately gave him the boot and told him his services were no longer needed because his overprotective personality that he’d had for Eddie since they were kids, is what Charlie just couldn’t seem shake. Bottom line is he was gonna end up catching Eddie some serious lawsuits because he would get angry at the slightest thing anyone did to Eddie- if a hater was in the audience at one of Eddie’s shows and refused to laugh at his jokes, Charlie said he would often end up trading blows with them; if anyone had anything negative to say about Eddie, again, Charlie would be ready to throw blows with them. Charlie said that one day he let his emotions get the best of him and became really pissed at former NFL player, the late Darryl Stringley, who was also a paraplegic.

Why was Charlie like this? Because he said their Momma was nothing nice when it came to whipping his butt if he didn’t protect his lil’ brother in the streets. So Charlie grew up always having to fight for Eddie, because he said that he was more scared of his Momma than any thug in the street and that’s how it all started. This story Charlie is telling in the video below will have you ROLLING! Check it out…