See Why KeKe Palmer Accuses Trey Songz of ”Sexual Intimidation”

Posted On : January 22, 2017

“This was not approved”, says Keke Palmer as she took to social media to express her disappointment with R&B singer, Trey Songz. So, why is Keke so mad?


What Did He Do?

Ok, Old Schoolers, see if you can follow me on this. Apparently, what has Keke so fired up is that her image was used in Trey’s and Fabolous’ remix to the Travis Scott and Young Thug song, “Pick Up the Phone”.

In the video, the Scream Queens star is seen taking selfies of herself. Yet, she claims that she did not grant permission for Trey to use those images. Palmer is outraged because she claims that she was secretly filmed.


In a very long lengthy Instagram post, Keke shared with her 4.6 million followers that Trey asked her to be in the video but she declined. She alleged that he was so persistent that she felt the need to hide in a closet because he wouldn’t accept that fact that she decliend. Not only was she angry but Keke felt violated due to the nature of her relationship with Songz. She has allegedly known him since she was 12 years old.

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Trey Songz Responds:

Songz took to Instagram and responded to Palmer’s claims of him using sexual intimidation to coarse her into doing something she didn’t want to do.


Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 1.38.16 PM

So sorry for those that believe everything without knowing anything. However, I cannot devote my life to responding to, or clearing up every side of every story you hear about me, when would I actually live? I know my character, I know my truth, I know my heart. God does too. Words to anyone who’s being tested right now…I feel you, it’ll pass, I’ve been in a million storms…they all pass. Don’t let the noisy thoughts of others drown your inner voice, or inner peace for that matter. #iwrotethisontheyacht #lmao #ididnotwritethisontheyacht #aintersgonnaaint #itwasallgoodjustaweekago #longasspost #gotrealproblemskeeppettyshitoffmyline

Are You Still Confused?

Well if you are still confused, so are we. Most importantly, what did he do to intimidate Keke Palmer sexually? When you think of intimidation, you think that someone is making you fearful or threatening you. So did he threaten to do something to her sexually? That’s a pretty bold statement…hopefully this will work out for them.

See the video below: 

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