Uh Oh! See Why Nene Slammed Raven Symone!

Posted On : December 7, 2015

nene2Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Nene Leakes, went off yesterday (12-6-15) when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and let off some verbal shots toward Raven Symone.

You may recall when Nene put The View co-host, Joy Behar, on blast for trying to make her look bad when she appeared on the show about two weeks ago. Nene was mad that Joy questioned her brand and also questioned her about marrying her husband Greg, divorcing him, only to marry him again.
joy nene and ravenThen yesterday, Nene told Andy Cohen that Raven Symone was “real nasty-like” toward her and that she did not appreciate how Raven was supposedly looking her up and down during her View appearance. Remember when looking a person up and down was considered a pre-fight stare down back in the day? LOL, okay that’s a lil’ off-topic…I know…moving on…

Here’s what Nene told Cohen about Raven and Joy:

“Now, Joy definitely was throwing a lot of shade, but there was someone else on the panel that threw shade as well, as far as looking me up and down,” Nene said.

“As far as what the cameras shot or showed, I don’t know. It didn’t show everything, but I could tell you that there were a couple of people on that panel who were very shady,” she added.

When Cohen asked Nene who else was mean to her, Nene confirmed that it was Raven Symone, who she said had in fact been looking her up and down “real nasty-like.”

raven symone“I didn’t like that, because, first of all, I was invited to their show. I was there to promote Chicago and other things,” Nene said.

“They asked me to bring pictures of my home there, and I brought the pictures they asked me to bring. And they just weren’t kind. They did not have nice manners.”

Nene then put the cherry on top when she ended her rant in true Nene Leakes reality TV fashion by saying: “I know all of them [the View hosts] are tired: their hairstyles are tired, their makeup is tired. Whatever.”

We should have known that it was only a matter of time before two of the most controversy causing women on television were gonna bump heads. Nene gets into it with almost every woman she meets (well at least that’s how it’s been for her on RHOA) and Raven has been known to piss a lot of people of lately with her sometimes offensive opinions on The View. I think that putting these two together on a panel is a blowup waiting to happen, but I give them their props for keeping it as cordial as they did on The View.

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