After Seeing Son Of Our Beloved Bushwick Bill, Fans Almost Thought They Were Seeing Double

Posted On : June 11, 2019

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As we all continue to mourn the loss of legendary Geto boys rapper, Bushwick Bill, we want to also share info about one of his proudest creations, his son, who looks so much like Bushwick it’s almost scary.

Son’s Homage To Bushwick Bill…
As we previously shared, Bushwick passed away on Sunday evening (6/9/2019), after his hard fought battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He was just 52 years young. After his passing, not only did his son share his Pops’ final words, he later shared the following tribute to the beloved icon:

“We were with you till the end …you don’t have too suffer no more pops. … Love you 4ever our last convos I’ll value till the day I’m with you.”

As we continue to celebrate the life of Bushwick Bill, what y’all are about to witness in his son, may make you wonder if your “mind is playing tricks” on you. Check him out next…

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