Few Have Seen This! Very Rare Performance By “Cause I Love You” Singer

Posted On : November 29, 2014

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We found this very rare video of Lenny Williams’ “Cause I Love You” slow jam and we just had to post this one. Why? Because most of us have never seen this, and besides that, most of us actually thought our man Lenny, had committed suicide, or passed away from some tragic event soon after this song was recorded. How that rumor swelled into a massive supposed “truth” among us soul fans, is beyond me. On a side note, we’re happy that Lenny’s still here with us doing his thing.

Now check out this video and reminisce with us real quick.

Lenny deserves much respect for this type of artistry because this is one of those songs that will always have a long-lasting effect on the listener, and hearing this just now reminds me of why we miss that true baby-making music from back in the day. Remember how you felt every time you heard this song? Lenny was pouring his heart out and we could really feel his pain, his yearning for his lady…I mean, the brotha took begging to a whole ‘notha level, and made it sound classy while he was doing it. This song made you feel like you needed to be in a relationship, if you weren’t in one.

“Cause I Love You” probably helped a lot of relationships back in the day. Why? Because all you had to do was spin this 45″ and it said everything you needed it to say.

It helped the fellas apologize to their woman in the most sincerest way possible.
lola folana and husband2

It made the ladies know how truly special they were to their men.
black 80s couple on subway2

With songs like “Cause I Love,” no words were needed, men could just hold their woman tight, gaze into the eyes of their lover and speak through song, letting them know “I got you, don’t worry.”
70s couple slow dancing

Songs like this can take a relationship from here…

Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee
Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee

To here…

Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee
Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee

Can I get a witness somebody?!!

You see, when we had songs that were as genuine as Lenny’s and as musically produced as “Cause I Love,” we knew what it was like to experience certain types of emotions that are SEVERELY lacking in today’s music. We humbly salute Mr. Lenny Williams for helping us to do that with his contributions to soul.

Lenny Williams today.
Lenny Williams today.

Check out Lenny’s latest release from his album “Still In The Game” when flip the page.