Sesame Street Actor Kept Love Child Hidden For Decades, Now She Emotionally Speaks Out

Posted On : June 19, 2018

If you were a “Sesame Street” fan back in the day, then you’re probably very familiar with the friendly character, “Gordon,” who was the stand-up father to his and wife, “Susan’s,” adopted son “Miles,” on the show. In real life though, his ex/common law wife of 39 years, Sharon Orman, crushed that persona a few years ago, when she went public about a few traits of actor, Roscoe Orman, that were unlike “Gordon,” as we knew him. In 2013, Sharon revealed that Roscoe left her “destitute” and broke. During that surprising reveal, she also put him on blast about the baby he had with another woman, while she was pregnant with their son at the same time. Today, that baby girl is now 31 years old and ready to speak out and tell the hurt she endured from her father and where they are now in their relationship.

“Gordon’s” Ex’s Claims

Sharon Orman filed a lawsuit against Roscoe in 2013, for palimony support, after she says he left for a younger woman, whom he’s since married. During that time, Sharon also did an interview with Page Six and that’s when she shocked many- including Roscoe- with the outside baby revelation that they’d managed to keep secret for decades.

She told the publication that she was hella surprised when her husband received a paternity lawsuit in the mail 31 years ago, while she, too, was pregnant with their son, Miles (yep, the kid who played “Gordon and Susan’s” son on “Sesame Street”). The paternity suit was from Deborah Hill, a woman he’d had sex with, after meeting her in Beaverton, Ore., while on the road with the “Sesame Street” cast.

I know…”Sesame Street” and sex are two words that should probably never go together in one sentence, but apparently Roscoe has made that all possible. See what else his ex said about this below:

Rscoe Orman’s ex of 40 years, Sharon Orman (screengrab)

Via Page Six: “I was pregnant with my third kid. We were ecstatic,” Sharon said. “Then a paternity suit arrived in the mail. I’m pregnant, and another woman in a different state is pregnant at the same time.” […]

Sharon told us that Roscoe paid Hill, who was on welfare after getting pregnant, child support until Kalah was 18, and put her through college. Meanwhile, Roscoe and Sharon had another daughter and stayed together in New Jersey. When asked why she didn’t leave Roscoe then, Sharon told us: “I wasn’t going to jump up and leave my family.” A lawyer for Roscoe didn’t get back to us.

“Gordon’s” Love Child Now Painfully Speaks Out

Like we mentioned earlier, the baby at the center of the controversy is now 31 years old and her name is Kalah Hill. She’s apparently lived with some resentment and pain as a result of being the excluded love child from a one night stand between her father, Roscoe Orman, and her mom, Deborah Hill. That pain is clear in the beautiful throwback photo and poem she recently shared online, titled “Love Child”:

kalah.hill: LOVE CHILD
Where do you come from?/ Magic.
Why are you here?/ I decided it so.
One night encounter./Magnetism pulled and they had to.
There could be no planning for me.
Things like this never go as planned.
Risky, I know./ Provocative, I know.
We LOVE CHILDREN are here to stir the pot.
Our legitimacy is not defined by society.
Rather our outcasting is the fuel for our brilliance.
My Mother and Father./Never married.
One night./That’s all I needed. ✌🏽
#lovechild #legitconception #determinedtocomethrough

Even though Kalah experienced heartache from her dad, they have apparently reached a place of peace. She shared a photo (above) of herself chillin’ with her Pops, along with an insightful caption. Today, Kalah is a mother of two young children and she seems determined to not repeat the same mistakes their parents did.