Oh My! What Is Sevyn Streeter Doing In This Raunchy Video She Posted Today?

Posted On : October 14, 2017

Sevyn Streeter Is Showing Out Today! Posts 'NSFW' Topless Video

So, apparently, Sevyn Streeter is feeling some kind of way today. While posting to Instagram, she gives her audience candy for their imaginations.

Yes, yes. Amber Denise Streeter tapped into her sensual side this morning.


Her video has been live for less than an hour, and it has already accumulated nearly 30k views and over 300 comments.

As her summer release, “Peace Sign” — from her Girl Disrupted album, plays in the background, Streeter gives her fans a little something to desire.

While barely covering her upper “woman parts,” Sevyn Streeter stands near her bed in only a white thong, accompanied by an over-exposed video filter.

As her “Peace Sign” verse mentions the following statements, the video acts as perfect promotion for her music.

Hey, Babe/I ain’t got no t-shirt on…cause I just got out the shower/I just put my lotion on/And you know my skin won’t glow for hours/So hurry up and bring your a** home, oh/So you can take me down/After you go down/It’s finna go down.

Not safe for work (NSFW), but definitely effective promotion.

WARNING: The following video contains sensual material NSFW. Viewer discretion is advised.



This wouldn’t be for first time that we’ve seen artist get “sexy”. The Ohio Players were notorious for selling “sexy” all over their album covers. And of course you could never forget Janet Jackson’s topless Rolling Stone magazine cover.

Maybe Sevyn Streeter is trying to bring attention to her new music…either way, people are checking her out.


Via Twitter, Streeter makes an intriguing post of which many people can relate. It’s about doing things while you’re drunk that you normally wouldn’t while sober.


Actually, it might just be a topic from another song.


Nonetheless, although it’s possible Streeter was well-aware of her posting abilities, it’s definitely interesting she made this particular tweet an hour prior to her Instagram upload.

Whatever the case, Sevyn will surely be included in people’s talk of the day.

***Also, if you’re interested in the full song from above, it’s located below.***

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[Featured Photo via Instagram]

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