After Being Shaded By Brandy Over ‘Boy Is Mine,’ Monica Reportedly Responds

Posted On : July 12, 2018

Over the weekend, Brandy turned quite a few heads with her performance of “The Boy Is Mine.” While many fans were elated to see her perform the hit song after so many years, she ended up bombing the performance when she changed things up a bit at the end of the song. At the 2018 Essence Festival, Brandy decided to switch the lyrics up a bit and, to most fans, it seemed like she taking a subliminal jab at Monica.

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‘The Song Is Mine’:

There’s an interesting video circulating on social media and it shows the end of Brandy’s performance where the crowd was singin’ “The Boy Is Mine” acapella. When Brandy chimed back in, she sang, “The song is mine. I gotta claim what’s mine. If I don’t got the boy, I’ve got the song. You know what I’m saying?” As expected, the questionable lyrics caught the attention of fans and now there are tons of questions about why she’d bring up all the buried drama again. Fans are also wonderin’ how Monica feels about the subliminal jab. Now after lots of chatter about the performance, Monica seems to be makin’ her stance clear.

Monica Claps Back:

Yesterday, Monica took to Instagram with a photo of her self that had a fairly interesting caption. Wearing pajamas, slides, and shades, Monica captioned the photo, “I conduct myself in the manner I would like to be remembered!! The work I have to do within myself leaves no room to focus on anyone else…. Always bettering me for my husband & babies.” While Monica didn’t drop any names, to most fans, it’s quite clear who she is talkin’ to.

Check out the post:

After Monica shared the post, fans quickly flooded it with responses in reference to Brandy. Many applauded the “For You I Will” singer for not stooping to Brandy’s level. One person wrote, “And this is why you are one of the few artist I respect.” Another agreed,”

On Working w/ Brandy:

The latest news follows an interview Monica did where she discussed the concept for the music video they filmed for “The Boy Is Mine.” During an interview, Monica made it clear her focus was always on the music and her career. Even with all the rumors about their so-called rivalry over the years, Monica has maintained the same stance: staying focused and in her own lane. While discussing the song, it was business as usual.

“You take two girls who are complete opposites, you blend them together and you make a record and you have Mekhi Phifer in the video— and the good part about it is, in the end, we turn on him. Girls collectively enjoyed not just the sound, but the visuals. That song was so well produced and created —because we didn’t know each other before we recorded it— but it automatically made people think and assume we did. And I think that comes with great production. Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels.. all of them were in this room and they were giving their ideas and they were young and just lively at heart. And I think they saw the vision when they created the record, so I’m just very fortunate that they brought me into it,” said Monica.

Respect to Monica for keepin’ it real.