“Shake You Down” Singer, Gregory Abbott’s, Million Dollar Plan Actually Worked For Him

Posted On : May 22, 2023
Gregory Abbott

Gregory Abbott hit us with one hot single, “Shake You Down,” and then exited the music game. Remember when everybody was singing “You read my mind/girl I want to shake you down/ I can give you all the loving you need…“? That was the SONG back in the day! It turns out that whole one-hit thing was a part of his bigger plan to stack up some major money.

A little known fact about Abbott is that he was a professor of English at Berkeley University before the world knew him as a singer. Word on the Old School curb is that it was during his time as a professor that he came up with his master plan to make a big come up that would have set him on a profitable financial path at that time.

Gregory Abbott’s Plan

It was reported that Abbott always had a passion for music and was even a music minor in college. So he combined his musical passion with a get-rich plan, by attempting to create only one for-sure-shot R&B hit to get paid for a long time off of his music royalties. He allegedly never intended on staying in the music industry. In order to pull that off, he did research on music publishing and knew that two things had to take place:

(1) He must maintain ALL rights to his one-hit.
(2) It MUST actually become a hit.

It sounds like a shot in the dark for that era, but Gregory figured it was worth a shot.

The Results

Anyways, he recorded “Shake You Down,” in1986. It was an instant smash hit and broke a record for becoming the most played song ever in 1986, being played over 1 million times throughout the world on various radio stations that same year.

As a result, Abbott was saying “cha-ching” each time his song was played. After the success of the single, Abbott’s record label pressured him to record a second album, but it didn’t sell like the first one. He didn’t care though, because he’d recorded a classic with “Shake You Down.”

The song is still played on old school radio stations across the country and for many years after it’s release. At one point in time, Abbott allegedly received between $1.5 – $2 million per year in publishing and songwriting royalties from the song. His plan worked.

Needless to say he took a long hiatus from the music industry, but his passion for music never died, so he has been back on the music scene for several years now, touring with several legendary old school artists like Cece Peniston, Atlantic Starr, and more.

Abbott Was Married To Who?!!

Gregory has a son with the Old School sex symbol singer, Freda Payne, best known for her 1970 hit, “Band Of Gold.” She and Abbott were married prior to him becoming a college professor, or professional singer. Their son’s name is Gregory Abbott Jr.

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Like we said, Gregory Abbott hasn’t lost his musical passion. Check out one of his more recent music videos below and tell us what you think about it.

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