Sheila E. Loved Prince But Revealed ONE Thing That DESTROYED Their Engagement

Posted On : March 6, 2017

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To most fans, Sheila E. and Prince were a match made in heaven. They had all the makings of a perfect relationship: an unbreakable bond of love and friendship, unmatched talent, striking looks, fame, and fortune. Basically, if everything would have worked out right, they would have been like the new Ashford & Simpson…just raunchier. But there’s so much that happened behind closed doors and many fans may not know all that actually happened.

How Prince Proposed

Although many fans know Sheila E. and Prince dated for quite some time, most people have no clue how serious the relationship really was because they kept the most intimate details under wraps for decades. At one point, Sheila and Prince had decided to take things to the next level. In her memoir, The Beat of My Own Drum (released in September 2014), Sheila detailed his proposal and how she’d gladly accepted.

Back then, there were rumors about the quiet engagement, but it wasn’t confirmed until Sheila admitted it. The two musical lovebirds were really engaged! She recently shared details about how the Purple One popped the question live onstage, reports New York Daily News:

“He blew me a kiss, turned to the audience, and took the most amazing guitar solo ever,” she wrote. “For the rest of that year my relationship with Prince was a dream … We were with each other all day and all night, so if he was fooling around on me, he would have had to be quick about it.”

Sheila E. Let Success Go To Her Head

As the relationship evolved, things gradually began to go downhill. While on tour with Prince, Sheila’s life changed dramatically and tour life came with many unconventional perks that ultimately transformed the budding star into a diva. “I became mean, demanding, and angry. I stopped asking and started telling … I was becoming a nightmare,” she said. 

The Jealousy & Other Women

But, despite her heightened level of success, it didn’t stop tons of women from flocking to her man. Sheila admitted she had a hard time dealing with the daunting reality. “I tried to ignore the sadness I felt about not being the only woman in his life, but I learned to deal with it early on,” she wrote.

Sheila E. Explains How Prince Broke Her Heart When He Did This

Like any other relationship, Prince and Sheila E. faced numerous ups and downs over the years. But as time passed, they began to grow apart due to creative differences and the many other females he entertained on the regular. Then, she said Prince ultimately did something that changed everything. Despite their romantic relationship, Prince reportedly had no reservations about reminding Sheila who the boss was. In fact, there was one incident where Sheila finally had enough.

In her memoir, she revealed Prince refused to let her fly to her grandmother’s funeral, citing tour obligations. “He was my boss, he reminded me. He signed the paychecks,” she wrote. Shortly after, Sheila and Prince finally went their separate ways.

The Love They Still Had For Each Other Was Evident Up Until Prince’s Death

Despite the breakup many years ago, Sheila E. and Prince’s friendship was able to withstand the test of time. Shortly after Prince’s untimely death, the Sheila spoke out. “The meaning of the word loss has taken on new meaning this day,” she told Us Weekly in a statement. “Thank God, love lives Forever.”