FBI Docs Reveal Whitney Paid $$ To Keep “In The Closet” Relationship Secret

Posted On : May 24, 2016

After FBI files were released about the beloved Whitney Houston and after her former bodyguard, Kevin Ammons, made shocking claims about the things he witnessed while guarding Whitney years ago, rumors began swirling about an alleged lesbian relationship between Whitney Houston and her best friend. When Whitney passed away in 2012, members of the press requested, under the Freedom of Information Act, that the FBI files (which exist because reportedly someone from Whitney’s inner circle asked for the FBI’s assistance) that proved Whitney had been extorted over an alleged romance be released. There’s a lot of understanding about what celebrities have to go through behind the scenes, that we can learn from this ILOSM family. See the details below…


SEE WHAT THE FBI FILES & WHITNEY'S EX-BODYGUARD REVEALED... The details that were provided in the highly redacted FBI files, along with Ammons' and another author, Ian Helperin's claims, gives insight into the type of stress that the beloved Whitney faced on the daily- a possible love life she had to keep hidden, or possible false claims of a love life that didn't exist, a bodyguard that told the public her business, extortion attempts, the heavy demands of being a superstar. That's enough to drive any person over the edge- so before we judge Whitney's life and all of the struggles, let's please consider these things.

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