What? Sinead O’Connor Calls Police Claiming THIS Celeb Gave Prince Drugs!

Posted On : May 2, 2016

“Nothing Compares 2 U” singer, Sinead O’Connor, just went ALL the way off on a celeb (who’s also said to be a close friend of Prince) whom she blasted with claims that he was the one who allegedly¬†supplied Prince with drugs. She didn’t say which type of drugs she was referring to, but we’re assuming she’s talking about the prescription pain medication that has been reportedly connected to Prince prior to his untimely passing.


SINEAD O'CONNOR BLASTS ARSENIO, CLAIMS HE GAVE PRINCE DRUGS Sinead O'Connor let her typing fingers go to work today when she took to her Facebook page to put some MAJOR allegations on the table. Not only does she say that Arsenio is responsible for giving Prince drugs, but she also hinted that Arsenio allegedly slipped something in her drink back in the day! She even called Arsenio "Prince's and Eddie Murphy's b*tch." What the...?!!

We don't know what, if any, factual proof Sinead is basing her allegations against Arsenio on, but clearly she feels strongly about her claims. I just hope she's lawyered up to fight any possible slander case that may come out of this once it's all said and done. See how Arsenio responded to Sinead's claims against him>>>

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