Sinead O’Connor Details Her Strange Fist Fight With Prince & What Caused It

Posted On : August 27, 2018

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One media outlet summed it up best: ‘Sinead O’Connor is an excellent ‘vocalist, a troublemaker and TRUTH-seeker.’

That’s pretty much what her career has been built off of ever since she shook the music industry up with her Prince penned hit single “Nothing Compares 2 U,” which was released 28 years ago.

O’Connor has stirred up lots of controversy over the years, as a result of standing up for what she believes in- most famously for the time she tore up a photo of the Pope on a live airing of Saturday Night Live in early 1992.


And in a 2014 interview, she stirred up the pot yet again with this story: Sinead revealed that she and Prince had a scuffle back in the day, after she told Prince to “F–k off.” That’s when all hell broke loose! The beloved Prince stood 5’2″ and Sinead is 5’4″, so had he been a woman, this would have been a pretty even match…from a physical standpoint at least.

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Here’s part of what Sinead O’Connnor revealed in an interview with Norwegian television network, NRK:

Sinead O’Connor- “I met him [Prince] a couple times…we didn’t get along that well. In fact, we had a punch up…LOL.

He summoned me to his house after “Nothing Compares 2 U” because I made the record without him. I didn’t know him, I’d never met him and then he summoned me to his house and it’s very foolish to do this with an Irish woman, but he took me to the house and he told me that he didn’t like me saying bad words in my interviews, so I told him to ‘f*ck off…”

And like we said, that’s where everything fell apart! According to Sinead, Prince didn’t take too kindly to her telling him to “f*ck off” in his own home. As a result, the two music legends commenced to having a bit of a toss up outside his house, so says Sinead. She lightheartedly told the details of what happened next:

SO- “He got quite violent. I actually had to escape out of his house at like 5 o’clock in the morning. He really packed a punch. Bigger than mine.”

“We’re running around his car, he found me on the road, we’re chasing, I’m spitting at him, he’s trying to box me, and that’s how we got on. … I had to ring someone’s door bell — which is a trick my father taught me years ago — to escape.

I could run faster than him, though, because my father was a sprinter and Prince had on the boots,” she concluded.

I know one thing: If that tussle went down exactly the way Sinead said it did, Prince was probably elated that camera phones didn’t exist back then. Sinead O’Connor seems like the type of woman who would’ve whipped out her phone immediately, to record Prince chasing her around that car, while she was spitting on him at the same time. She would’ve posted video of that fiasco on social media faster than you could say “let’s get ready to rumble” and she probably would have quickly shared it with every news outlet around…LOL. That’s just my opinion though…all jokes aside, this is no laughing matter. Hopefully Prince and Sinead were eventually able to at least reach a respectful place with each other.

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