Singer Accused Of Ruining Mary J’s Marriage Now Lives Glamorous Life With Mysterious Rich Bae’

Posted On : May 24, 2019

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Remember the singer, Starshell, who Mary J. Blige reportedly accused of having an affair with her then husband, Kendu Isaacs? She was also once signed to Mary J.’s company prior to Mary J. alleging that Kendu used her money to fund fancy trips and gifts for Starshell.

Well, we were wondering whatever happened to her ever since the media frenzy she was tossed into via Mary’s and Kendu’s lengthy divorce battle, so we did a lil’ diggin.’

Why? because for a minute, it seemed as though ol’ girl had fallen underneath the radar and away from the public’s eye, presumably due to the mistress rumors. Now though, she’s managed to come up big time since the Mary J- Kendu cheating scandal. She’s also got a new career…and a apparently, a new wealthy man.

Not sure if those cheating rumors about Kendu and Starshell were true, but I’m 99.9% sure that Kendu is NOT the one funding her current lifestyle, which she and her parents are apparently enjoying the perks of…

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