Singer Keyshia Cole Shares A Chilling Message That All Mothers Need To Hear

Posted On : April 6, 2018

Singer, Keyshia Cole, makes it no secret that her childhood was not easy. From watching her former BET reality show, “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is,” fans learned that she was adopted because her biological mother, Frankie, suffered from drug abuse. Because she’s so raw and real, Keyshia has developed a strong fan base that continues to root for her, because they know that her success wasn’t easy. Recently, Keyshia took to Instagram to share her frustration of innocent children being killed at the hands of trusted family members. Stating that she saw a lot as a child, Keyshia has a message for mothers that she urged her followers to share.

Keyshia Cole Urges Mothers To Be More Careful With Their Children:

On her Instagram page, Keyshia Cole shared a meme of a little girl crying. The meme urged mothers to stop leaving their daughters with boyfriends whom they barely knew. Additionally, the meme pointed out that when a child is abused, the wounds never heal and she captioned the photo with the following message:

“Maybe it’s because I went thought A lot as a child, With a Father I didn’t kno, and a Biological Mother who was Absentee because of drug use… , I feel ALL of THIS 100% !!!!!! babies DID NOT ASK To BE HERE!!!! If you can Not PROTECT and PROVIDE, And I kno, YOU (Don’t have to be RICH, to do so)ALL IM SAYING, Is u gotta try to be, mentally prepared to take some sacrifices when it comes to YOUR CHILD!!!!!! If NOT, PLEASE PLEASE!!! Take precautionary steps with birth control, before you Ruin a life, u can’t be there for!! SO SICK OF THESE CHILDREN DYING!!!! And thankful I wasn’t one them🙏🏽 My adopted family took very good care of me, thankful for that, BUT MY LIFE COULD’VE PLAYED OUT, Very differently. And I THANK GOD, he ALWAYS HAD MY BACK!!!!!! 🙏🏽 But there were things that went down, and things I seen, that I shouldn’t have. PERIOD. Parents BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN! 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁”

While Keyshia didn’t mention any children by name, her post seems to speak about the recent death of 3 year-old Bella Edwards. Bella Edwards lived in an apartment in Queens, New York with her mother, Shamika Gonzalez, her baby brother Logan, and her mother’s boyfriend, Mark Jenkins. On Monday (April 2, 2018), Gonzalez left to run an errand and she left her children in the hands of Jenkins. When Gonzalez returned home, Bella was found unresponsive in her room. CPR was administered and the paramedics were called. Tragically, Bella died and Jenkins was arrested for her murder. Court details revealed that Jenkins reportedly punched Bella in her abdomen and investigators believe she bled to death. Expressing regret for not being there, Gonzalez took to Facebook to apologize to her daughter, Bella. On Facebook, Gonzalez wrote the following:

“Bella i’m so sorry I wasn’t their to protect you. This feels like a bad dream I cant wake up from. You was loved by everyone and shared so many Funny memories. I’m going to miss all the times you kissed and hugged me everyday and miss hearing you say Hi Loggy I’m your big sister. Please watch over me, Logan and the family. We all love you so much!”

Despite Her Challenges, Keyshia Cole Is Happy And In Love:

Keyshia Cole has been through a lot in her life and it’s good to see that she is happily moving on. The 36 year-old California native divorced her son’s father, Daniel Gibson, and is currently gettin’ her groove back, by dating 23 year-old, Niko Khalé. While she has received the side eye because of her man’s age, Cole acknowledged that he keeps her happy. After all, age ain’t nothing but a number.