Singer Nivea &Lil Wayne’s Other Baby Mommas Just Showed Amazing Love To Each Other

Posted On : August 27, 2017
Lil Wayne and singer, Nivea

There’s nothing better than witnessing a “Kumbayah” moment among grown folks…no matter how unexpected or odd a particular situation may seem. That brings us to the topic of Cash Money Records rapper, Lil Wayne, and his four baby mommas.

As most of us know, Lil Wayne had daughter, Reginae Carter, at the age of 16, then nine years later, he went on to have three more children within just about a one year span of time. Here’s a list of his children’s mothers, in the order in which they gave birth to their precious Carter mini-me’s:

1. Antonia “Toya” Wright- Reality star; ex-wife of Lil Wayne; mother of Reginae Carter (18).

Lil Wayne and Toya Wright

2. Sarah Vivan- Ex homie-lover-friend (they reportedly were not in a serious relationship); mother of Dwayne Carter III (8).

(L-R) Sarah Vivan, Lil Wayne, and Toya Wright

3. Laura London- Actress; ex-girlfriend of Lil Wayne; mother of Cameron Carter (7).

Lil Wayne and actress, Lauren London

4. Nivea- R&B singer; ex-girlfriend of Lil Wayne; mother of Neal Carter (7).

Nivea, Lil Wayne, and Laurean London

Why Fans Surprised By Their Bond

Sarah, Toya, and Nivea all smiles

The thing that has many fans surprised are the familial type of bonds among the mother of his children….

Nivea’s 8-13-17 birthday wish to Lil Wayne’s other baby momma, Sarah on Instagram. Sarah also replied back with love to Nivea.

Why? Because typically, there tends to be a little tension among the mothers when their kids were born so close together (except Toya’s) and they were all actually dating the father of their kid at that time. See details below…

Toya (@toyawright), Regina (@colormenae) show love to Sarah (@sarahvivan) on her August 13, 2017 Instagram post

Lil Wayne’s Intertwined Love Web

Toya, Lauren, and Nivea happy together

Nivea became engaged to Wayne in 2002. By 2003, Lil Wayne reportedly called off his engagement to Nivea and proposed to Toya. Toya and Lil Wayne married in 2004 and divorced in 2006. Nivea and Wayne started dating again in 2007 and Wayne had a baby with Sarah in 2008, while still with Nivea. Lauren London reportedly began dating Lil Wayne in 2007, while he was also reportedly still dating Nivea. By 2009, both Nivea and Lauren London had Lil Wayne’s children two months apart. Whew! Did y’all catch all that? Okay good…

Lauren London Explains Why Their All Close

Toya and Nivea

The beautiful thing is that they’re here now…in Kumbayah world, uplifting each other online like grown folks should. According to YBF, Lauren London once broke down the reason the four baby mommas are so cool with each other:

LL: We are all good-hearted women who love our children and we want them to know each other. Real friendships have grown from that foundation and the result has been more love, less drama and less trauma for our kids.

The Secret Common Denominator: Toya

Another reason the four ladies may be able to get along so well, is because apparently they share several of the same personality traits, according to the Lil Wayne’s somewhat recent text messages to Toya, which she revealed, in her newest book. He reportedly sent Toya these texts while dating current girlfriend, Dhea, but he clearly still has some feelings for Toya:

“Hey fat sry for hittin u so early but I’m up at work as usual and I wanted u to know something that u may not know…& pls don’t respond to this msg but keep it forever kuz it’ll ALWAYS be true.

I want u to kno that no matter what woman or relationship I involve myself with, I look for u or a piece of u inside that woman. And why I do that is bekuz we are only creatures of habit and accustomed to what we know and believe, & what we know and believe to be love is what we learn when we first experience it, & for me that experience was with u.

My definition of a perfect woman is [you]. Perfect mother, friend, and love. [You’re] perfect. Sweet but sexy, crazy but cool, mean but modest and if no one knows [you], I do..

The problem is when I think about a perfect future with someone I envision [you] in the house and Nae in her room and me at work….perfect.

I know I’m too wild for you and it may seem as if I don’t take love or relationships seriously, but believe me when I say I’d gladly straighten up and fly right for you [cause] I know you’d accept nothing less.

Given the respect I have for you and that lil’ girl, it would be nothing for me to do and be not what [you] want but what [you] need.” -Lil Wayne

Ah well…all’s well that ends well. Sister Sledge said it best: “We Are Family!”