Sister Of One Of R.Kelly’s Women Reportedly Had Violent Altercation w/Him &Entourage

Posted On : July 28, 2017

R. Kelly is making headlines again…well, he actually never stopped making headlines ever since the allegations of him running a ‘sex slave cult’ outta his Atlanta and Georgia homes surfaced. Although those claims of two parents, and three former female associates of his, now seem to be pretty bogus, a new report has appeared.

Mayhem At R. Kelly’s Studio

According to DailyMail, court records exist showing that some members of Kellz’s entourage had a physical altercation with a sister of one of Kelly’s ‘women.’ Apparently the woman was trying to barge into Kelly’s Chicago studio to talk her sister into leaving with her, but the woman wanted to stay there. The sister became pissed off and some sort of scuffle with the entourage went down and police got involved.

That detail was listed, by DailyMail, in an apparent 2015 eviction report regarding Kelly’s studio being evicted, by the landlord, from the Chicago building.

Eviction & Sister’s Police Report

Via DailyMail: ‘The R&B superstar, 50, was served with an eviction notice in May 2015 by the owner of the shared premises in downtown Chicago.
‘Tenants’ invitees have soiled one of the hallways in the building with vomit, urine, and what is believed to be human feces,’ stated the plaintiff, real estate company C/R Adlake Limited Partnership, in an eviction summons obtained by’

‘In the eviction notice, the defendant, R Kelly Publishing Inc., was also accused of repeatedly using the location, 320 W Ohio Street, for late-night parties which spread through the lobby and other shared spaces in the building, disrupting other tenants and leaving restrooms in a mess. R Kelly’s employees and guests were also accused of smoking, eating and drinking in the public spaces of the building.’

‘The case was scheduled to go to trial on May 27, 2015 at Cook County Circuit Court with the plaintiff seeking $15,000 in rent. Cook County Court’s civil division confirmed to that R Kelly Publishing Inc. were ordered to vacate the premises on September 30, 2015 and did not have to pay any money to the plaintiff. An attorney for the real estate company was not immediately available for comment. However it does not appear that R Kelly and his entourage left immediately.’

R. Kelly with a 19 year old woman he’s reportedly dating, but it’s unclear if her family is the one speaking out.

The police report: ‘Three months later, a police report for simple battery was filed at the location after the sister of one of R Kelly’s alleged captives was assaulted during a scuffle with the singer and his entourage when she went to the recording studio to try to rescue her [19 year old] teenage sibling. The incident occurred on August 26, 2015, according to a police report seen by No arrests were made.’

Neither the 19 year old woman supposedly living at Kelly’s home, nor her parents were named in the court docs.

So far, it seems that R. Kelly is keeping his head above water by not having underaged ‘girlfriends’ at his homes. However, dude is riding a legal-yet-thin-line, because he apparently likes his women young, but barely legal. Based on past underaged female allegations against him, he probably should try dating in the 30 year old range, just to be on the safe side. That’ll still be a 20 year age difference for 50 year old Kellz and it’ll keep angry family members off his back and his reputation in tact. But hey, that’s just my suggestion…anyways, it’s a free country, so as long as it’s legal, do your thing Kelly.