Sister Tells How Mom Reportedly Caught ‘Abusive’ James Brown In 17 Yr Old Tammi Terrell’s Bed

Posted On : April 24, 2019

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Here’s what was reported regarding Ludie’s recollection of the time their Mother busted Tammi Terrell and James Brown:

According to Tammi Terrell’s sister (Ludie), James Brown enticed the impressionable 17-year-old Tammi with lavish gifts and luxuries when she toured with the James Brown Review.

When Tammi’s mother and sister visited her in New York. Her suite was beautiful and spacious with a sitting area and bedroom. The space was adorned with an array of flowers that complimented the colors of the decor. …

James also bought her many presents which included furs, jewelry and gorgeous ensembles; the next outfit was more beautiful than the last.

“Tammi took us shopping and bought us expensive gifts at Saks Fifth Avenue. When we returned, we entered Tammi’s room, we saw that James Brown was sleeping in Tammi’s bed. He woke up abruptly, greeted us politely and left. Mother seemed awfully worried and confused but Brown’s assistant-Gertie assured her that she kept a watchful eye out for Tammi on the road.” -via PanacheReport

Sister Then Described Severe Abuse Tammi Reportedly Suffered From James Brown>>>