Sly Stone’s Attorney Just Got Sucker Punched By A Fake Diana Ross!

Posted On : March 24, 2015

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We know this story sounds a little weird, but the truth is, it is weird! We’ve just found out that this happened 3 days ago when Sly Stone was on his way into a courthouse with his attorney: (via TMZ)

[quote_box_center]Sly Stone’s lawyer got the Supreme diva treatment outside court — taking a punch to the face from a woman claiming to be Diana Ross.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … minutes before Stone and his lawyer entered an L.A. courtroom Friday — a woman walked up, announced she was THE Diana, then socked the attorney so hard his face was gashed.

Witnesses say the woman accused the lawyer of trying to get Sly locked up … and popped him when he talked back. We’re told cops pounced, and arrested her for misdemeanor battery.

Sly was going to court for a hearing on his $5 million royalties case — but it was postponed after the attack.[/quote_box_center]

Who in the world is that woman and why is she going around thinking she can just “pimp slap” folks at will?!!

Sly’s court case is turning into a real reality show, but we hope Sly gets every last dime of his $5 million he won back in January! We’re rooting for you Mr. Stone! See that story here.