Janet Hubert Takes Jabs At Black Media, Has Choice Words For BET & TVOne

Posted On : August 23, 2018

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was canceled years ago and Janet Hubert was off the show long before the final episode, but that hasn’t stopped her from draggin’ the show and her former castmates all the way to hell. Even now, she still has a serious vendetta against Will Smith but apparently, he isn’t the only person she loathes. She also has a problem with BET and TV One; networks she refers to as “n****r networks.” Once again, Janet is goin’ off on social media, so without further ado ladies and gents, here it is…

Janet Hubert To BET and TV One:

Janet’s latest rant features more jaw-dropping, bashing statements about quite a few people. From BET and TV One, to Cathy Hughes, Will Smith, and even the rapper/actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, Janet is out here throwin’ all kinds of gut-punches. According to The Jasmine Brand, Janet’s latest video picks up from where she left off last time when she threw shade at Jada’s “Red Table Talk” series. She said:

“Y’all ain’t gon invite me to your red table so welcome to my butcher block. Now, this butcher block is not just for you. This is my last video. I am not on this earth much longer and I will not go to my grave feeling that questions have been unanswered. What misconceptions of me – that you put there – have never been dealt with, and especially for my son. I am tired. “

But Janet didn’t stop there. She went on to blast black media outlets accusing them of taking her words and blowin’ the situation out of proportion:

“You took my personal post and you put it on blast and you put what you thought I meant. You put your own seasoning on this so-called steak. Not caring what was happening in my life and not calling me to ask me if I was okay. No concern, no compassion for my situation whatsoever. I’ve realized something about the black media.”

She went on to blast her former castmates:

“When a lie is told again, again, again, and again it becomes the truth. And since you and I know that no one in Hollywood has the guts to stand up, because it’s like a cartel, and I’m shocked that someone like Warren Littlefield who was there when all of this went, allowed it to go down! Nowhere does it ever say, I was fired. That was you and your tampon, Alfonso Ribeiro.”


Like Mo’Nique, Janet has also expressed concern about how she’s perceived in Hollywood. Since her Fresh Prince fallout, she insists she’s been blackballed in the industry. When it comes to Oprah Winfrey and hit shows, like The View, Janet has revealed no one is willing to sit down with her so she can share her side of the story. Despite the years that have passed, she’s still blaming Will for her financial ruin and now she claims she’s broke and homeless:

“My life when you banished me and when you tainted me and when you put your poison in, you poisoned my entire world. You poisoned my art. You poisoned people against me. The vomit that you spewed.”

However, she also claims she isn’t the only one who’s suffered from the aftermath of the show. She claims her son was also a victim of the situation, often mocked by his peers. By now, most people know Janet’s son attempted to commit suicide and she blamed Will Smith. Now, she’s explaining why. Apparently, the mocking was a result of her stint on the show. So, she’s pointing the finger at Will and the popular sitcom:

“He used to walk down the street and they would call him a little rich motherf*cker! We were certainly not rich!”

Although Janet probably thinks the outbursts are helping the situation, in this case, there’s a strong possibility she’s only making things worse. Hopefully, she and Will can make amends some day and they can somehow move beyond their past.