Smokey Robinson’s New Sexual Concert Performance Goes Viral & Everybody’s Talking

Posted On : May 16, 2018

At 78 years old, Motown legend Smokey Robinson still has it. Looking good and feeling great, Smokey is not letting his age get in the way of him being on the road. Recently, Smokey was performing in Sugar Land, Texas to a packed audience of screaming fans. His performance was so mesmerizing that  it went viral.

Check Out Smokey Getting Down Below:

In case you’re wondering how a man at 78 years old, is still on active, the Motown legend credits his vitality to habits that he developed in his younger years.

Motown’s Smokey Robinson Still Touring At 78:

When Smokey Robinson wasn’t writing hit songs like ” My Girl” and “I Second That Emotion”, he was playing basketball. In speaking with Seattle Times, the iconic singer revealed that he feels great that he’s able to enjoy life with no aches or pains. Because Smokey Robinson led a healthy lifestyle as a youth, it has served him well in his golden years. In addition to playing sports, Robinson also practiced yoga for 35 years. Additionally, Robinson has been a vegetarian longer than that.

I used to run marathons and do those things that I thought were going to be beneficial for me at this time in my life, he said in an interview with Seattle Times. When I got to this point in my life I did not realize … how beneficial it was going to be because I feel great. I’m only going to get this one body so I want to be healthy as long as possible. I believe in taking care of myself, he said.

His Wife Keeps Him Looking Good:

There’s a saying that goes, ‘Behind every man, is a good woman.’ Well, in Smokey’s case, he has a good woman working alongside of him. Smokey’s wife, Frances Gladney, also ensures that her man is lookin’ good and they’re are both firm believers in taking care of yourself. While Smokey still has mommas, aunties and grandmommas everywhere, screaming over his flawless skin and green eyes, he’s been gracious enough to share his anti-aging secrets.

In 2016, Smokey and his wife, Frances, launched a skincare line for women and men. The couple worked with a scientist and a doctor for two years to create simple yet effective products specifically for men and women of color.

“There’s nobody who doesn’t have some sort of skin care problem,” Smokey told Yahoo Beauty. “I used to get a lot of ingrown hairs … and for black guys, that starts making dark marks. I cleared it up before, but this product has enhanced [my skin] so much because the formula is for everything. It’s not just for acne or lines. It’s not just a cover-up for somethings. It’s targeted for people of color, and there’s never been anything like that. It’s a skin healer.”

Smokey Is Not Much Of A Party Person:

Smokey also ain’t much of a party person these days. Oftentimes after his shows, Smokey is asked, ‘Where the party’s at?,’ because people see how active Smokey is, and automatically mistake his vivacious personality as someone someone who drinks or does drugs. However, Smokey left his drugging and partying days alone decades ago and now credits his “high” to being on stage. For Smokey, the party is in the performance.

“When I do concerts, people come to me after the show because they think that show business is just wine, women and songs — you party and that’s it,” Smokey said. “Someone will be like, ‘OK Smokey, where is the party?’ I just had a party for two-and-a-half hours. I was onstage, that was the party to me, he added. Now I’m going back to my hotel room and I’m gonna watch TV until I fall asleep and get some rest and rest my body.”

It seems like many entertainers today, need to take a chapter out of Smokey’s book! Lookin’ great Smokey!

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