“Snowfall” Cast Makes Singleton’s Final Wish Come True With His Baby Son In Emotional Finale

Posted On : June 5, 2019

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If John Singleton were still here, the beloved director would be so touched by what his co-producers, cast, and staff have all done for the finale of the 3rd season of his show, Snowfall.

The FX series is one that Singleton and his two co-creators held dear to their hearts. The show is set in Singleton’s hometown of Los Angeles, Cali, in 1983, during the start of the crack epidemic and it’s crippling effects on the beautiful Black and Brown people of the city.

Cast & Crew  Will Pay Homage To Singleton On Finale…

Due to Singleton’s sudden passing on April 28th, 2019, the entire cast and crew wanted to pay homage to him on the show. So the writers and producers scrambled to change the script at the last minutes, in order to incorporate a young pre-Boyz N’ The Hood era John Singleton character into the finale. That’s not all though…

Singleton’s Son Is Making His Debut Too…

John Singleton’s 1 year old son, Seven, with cast members from the FX “Snowfall” series [via TMZ]
John oftentimes brought his youngest child -1 year old, Seven- to the Snowfall set, while he worked. Sources who worked on the set say that the legendary director constantly talked about one day having Seven appear on the show. Fast forward to now, and the cast and crew  are more than honored to see to it that Singleton dream comes true, by including Seven in the season’s finale as well.

In the above photos, Seven was photographed chillin’ with some the main cast members of the series and to say he stole the show is an understatement.

During the time of John Singleton’s passing from a stroke, the 51 year old was in the process of working on the upcoming third season of Snowfall. The production was suddenly halted when producers got the word that he’d passed away, after spending days in a coma and on life support.

The 3rd season of Snowfall premieres on FX on July 10 and Seven will make his debut on the show’s season finale on September 11.

Overall, this is a bittersweet moment. While it’s beautiful to see Singleton’s lil’ man help make his dad’s dream come true, it’s beyond heartbreaking that the only memories Seven will really have of his father, are the ones he’ll learn about from photos, family members, and his father’s work. May John Singleton continue to rest in power.