Fans Stunned After Seeing Video Of Real Life Man Who Ice Cube Portrayed In BoyNTheHood

Posted On : May 26, 2018
Ice Cube et John Singleton à Cannes
1991: Ice Cube (L)  portrayed “Doughboy,” John Singleton’s (R)  childhood best friend in “Boyz N The Hood” (Photo by Pool ARNAL/GARCIA/PICOT/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

ILOSM family, the man who Ice Cube portrayed in the classic 1991 film, “Boyz N The Hood,” has passed away. He was the childhood best friend of director/writer, John Singleton, who is painfully paying homage to the brotha at this time.

(VIDEO) Singleton Speaks On The Passing Of Real Life Dough Boy

Although Cube’s character, “Doughboy” left a lasting impression on millions of fans, most people never knew it was really Michael “Fatbacc” Winters,’ life story.

Michael “Fatbacc” Winters, the REAL LIFE “DOUGHBOY” who Ice Cube portrayed in “Boyz N The Hood”

After Fatbacc’s passing a few weeks ago, Singleton posted a video of Fatbacc speaking about their friendship at a prior event for Singleton (scroll down for video):

John Singleton: “Y’all give some honor and love to my best friend Micheal Winters aka Fatbacc..107 Hoovers. We grew up on 101st and Vermont ..shared a lotta adventures …This man could run his mouth .. speak his honest opinion on anything …he gave no fucks from an early age …In Boyz n Hood the character Ice Cube plays Is based on this man The Original Dough Boy. We called him Fatbacc. He gave himself that name around 12 years old near 7th grade writing in notebooks ..H.C,G. FATBACC. You will forever be remembered. RIP.Love.”

Following Singleton’s tribute, Fat Bacc’s brother also paid homage to him online:

“My little brother 4 life 101st was way too real we had some real men come from that street from Vermont to Hoover st. I’m the one who introduced them to one another and its been all love ever since…. thanks for always being True friend and homie to us, your Boyz off the 101st. Big Tw7n”

Fatbacc, a Crip gang member, was loved by many around his way and said to have a great personality. Singleton went on to study at USC film school, which is when he wrote the script for “Boyz N The Hood.” Even though their lives took separate paths, they’re genuine brotherhood remained in tact for life.

Singleton On Why He Created “Boyz N The Hood” Characters About His Friends

In a previous interview with Vice, Singleton revealed why he wrote the film about his life and his friends, growing up in South Central, L.A.:

“I was living this film before I ever thought about making it. Growing up in my early teens, I batted around with three friends, Jimmy and Michael, and our other friend who was also named Michael; his nickname was Fatback – he was heavy-set – and in the movie we called him Doughboy. As I started to think about what I wanted to do with my life, and cinema became an option, it was just natural that this was probably gonna be my first film. In fact, when I applied to USC Film School they had a thing that asked you to write three ideas for films. And one of them was called Summer of ’84, which was about growing up in South Central LA.”

John Singleton was portrayed as the character, “Tre,” played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Desi Arnez Hines II (young “Tre”) and his father was portrayed by Laurence Fishburne:

“At 11 years old I went to live with my father. There are things that happened to me and my family, like the guy breaking in and my father getting the drop on him, and the black policeman, saying “You should have got him – that would have been one less nigger.” Then there’s other events in the picture that happened, but not necessarily to me.”