So Sad: Lil’ Mo Painfully Speaks Out After Suffering Miscarriage Of Her & Husband’s Baby

Posted On : March 6, 2018

On last night’s part 1 reunion episode of Love & Hip Hop, singer, Lil’ Mo, and her husband/boxer, Karl Dargan, were happy to announce that they were expecting a new baby. Sadly, Lil’ Mo has just revealed that they lost their baby.

Lil’ Mo’s Painful Message

Lil’ Mo and husband/boxer, Karl Dargan (via Instagram)

Soon after the Love & Hip Hop reunion special aired on Monday (3/5/18) night, Lil’ Mo took to Instagram deliver the sad news to her fans:

@thelilmoshow: just now i watched the #LHHNY reunion and we were hype to share that we were expecting what would be baby #6 for me. thank you for all the congrats and well wishes. regretfully we lost the baby on Feb 6! BUT all is well. God has bigger plans and I know when the time is right, there will be another one!! #feb6 #rainbowbaby 🌈👶 #LHHNY #istillcryeveryday (this is a repost photo from @crystal_kelley that fit MY LIFE right now)

Even though she is understandably devasted by the loss of their baby, Mo is trying to keep hope alive that she and Karl will be blessed with another baby in the future. In her efforts to keep her hope alive, she also took gave an uplifting message to all other women who have suffered similar tragedies, by sharing a post about “rainbow babies”:

A baby born after a miscarriage or loss of a baby is referred to as a Rainbow baby. Today we remember all babies born sleeping, or we’ve carried but never met, those we’ve held but couldn’t take home, the ones that can home but didn’t stay. Make this your status if you or someone you know has suffered the loss of a baby…

Lil’ Mo has five children of her own: 2 with her first ex-husband, 2 with her second ex-husband and 1 with husband, Karl (who also has three more from his previous relationships). The precious baby they lost, would have expanded their blended family to nine children. Our condolences to Lil’ Mo and Karl. We may not always understand why we suffer such tragedies, but with time, we learn to cope with it. Hopefully Mo and her husband will be able to reach that point.

Son Of Lil Mo Reveals Shocking Revelation About Her Husband

Mo and Karl have shared a lot about their personal lives on social media and television. In fact, Mo recently revealed, on a prior episode of Love & Hip Hop, that Karl’s reported infidelities have come now back to haunt them, by way of her children. In particular, it was her 8 years old son, Justin (son with her 2nd husband, Phillip Bryant), who hit her that shocking revelation.

During the episode, Mo spent some quality time at the playground with her lil’ man. During their mommy/son day, Mo and Justin chopped it up about his desire to have a mobile phone. He tried to convince Mo that the reason he needed it, was because he needed to be ‘the man of the house’ whenever she or his stepdad, Karl, are out of town on business. Mo on the other hand, was a whole lotta skeptical, because she’s terrified of her children reading negative things about her or their fathers online. She expressed that wants to “protect” them from the nonsense, but little did she know, Justin had already been hipped to it ALL. Mo’s son gave her the surprise of her life, when he revealed he’d read online that his step-pop cheated on her with a few jump-off mistresses.

When Mo asked her son, Justin, if he’d ever “Googled,” info on her or Karl, he said “Yeah.” He continued, “It told me about Dad’s (his step-dad, Karl) fights and it had pictures of you, like, on stage. And um…one of dad’s old girlfriends had posted, saying that dad was cheating on you.”

*Record scratch* Damn, that had to sting Mo when her lil’ man said that.

Lil’ Mo then gave her son the quick ‘Come again now?’ reaction and Justin elaborated a bit more:

“It said that ‘Karl Dargan was cheating on Lil’ Mo’ and it said…it was all this text messages,” said Justin. When Mo asked Justin how he felt about what he read, he replied, “I got mad that I saw that.”

Mo later vented, to the L&HH cameras, about what her son revealed and she was heated:

“Honestly, me and Karl have been dealing with these rumors, like roaches, honestly, since the beginning of our relationship. And the LAST person(s) I want to see this kind of trash, is my CHILDREN! No matter how much you try to protect your kids from the internet and trust your man, everybody knows where there’s smoke, there’s FIRE,” Lil’ Mo said.

Moral of the story, when living life in front of the masses, your sorrows, heartbreaks, grief, your highs and your lows, are all liable to surface. The good news is that Lil’ Mo and Karl Dargan -even in the midst of their pain- seem to possess the skill set it takes to handle all that fame brings.