So Sad, Sheryl Underwood Breaks Down While Discussing Her Husband’s Suicide

Posted On : June 7, 2018

Comedian and The Talk co-host, Sheryl Underwood (54), had everyone tearing up on Thursday morning. During the show, she talked about the recent suicide of legendary 54 year old fashion designer, Kate Spade. While doing so, the topic became too much for Sheryl to bare, causing her to reflect on her deceased husband as well.

Sheryl Underwood Breaks Down Over Husband’s Suicide

Sheryl Underwood has the incredible ability to make us all laugh at will, but behind her comedic talent is an immense amount of pain. One such pain is that of her husband committing suicide in 1990. They dated for 7 years and three years after they married he decided to take his own life. While covering the recent tragedy of Kate Spade, some of the similarities in the details surrounding her death, hit a little too close to home for Underwood.

“I’m kinda emotional about this because as you know my husband killed himself,” Underwood said through teary eyes. “You will never know. For people who think they know. You’ll never know if it’s clinical depression. You’ll never know if it’s financial stress.”

Kate was married to Andy Spade (brother of “Saturday Night Live” legend, David Spade), and she hung herself in her home just after leaving a suicide note for their 13 year old daughter, Frances Beatrix. The note read, “Bea – I have always loved you. This is not your fault. Ask Daddy!”

Sheryl Underwood confessed that Kate’s suicide note is only going to make the pain worse for her daughter, because that’s exactly what happened to Sheryl, when her own husband left a suicide note:

“I’m sad for her daughter, for that to be in the note because my husband left a note,” Underwood added. “And what the note does to the person who is still alive is, it shows that the person who is no longer alive has now had the final word. There’s nothing you can do about it now. And that pain … it doesn’t go away. I really hope that the family can come together for her daughter because it just doesn’t go away.”

Law enforcement have confirmed that Kate Spade was depressed because her husband wanted a divorce and because of business problems. Her husband also stated that after their separation a few months ago, she began drinking “a lot.”

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Underwood has unfortunately had to endure other horrific tragedies in her life, but she refuses to allow them to defeat her:

Via People- [Sheryl Underwood’s] childhood was destroyed by sexual and emotional abuse. Just out of college she was raped, and her attacker was never caught. … “I’ve been through a lot,” the comedian reveals in the latest issue of PEOPLE. “But it’s not all woe is me. This is a journey.”

Like Sheryl Underwood said, because Kate Spade’s suicide note was vague, her 13 year old daughter, Frances, will never truly know why she took her life and left her a mother-less child. Kate’s actions may have been selfish and irrational, but they were clearly rooted in extreme pain. Hopefully, with the help of people like Sheryl Underwood sharing their stories with the masses, it may encourage someone else who may be contemplating suicide, to reconsider their actions and seek help.

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