So Sad, “Steve Harvey Morning Show” Mourns Sudden Death Of Employee

Posted On : May 30, 2018

The “Steve Harvey Morning Show” crew are dealing with an extremely sad tragedy right now. One of the show’s employees was found deceased a few days ago.

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If you’re a fan of the morning radio show, you’re probably familiar with comedic co-host, Kier “Junior” Spates. However, it was Junior’s best friend/”Steve Harvey Morning Show” employee, Bryan Cooke, who was found dead in the W Hotel in Atlanta, Ga.

Details Of His Sudden Death

Here’s what’s just been reported:

Via TMZ– An employee on Steve Harvey’s radio morning show died this weekend after being found unresponsive in his hotel room by one of Steve’s famous co-hosts … TMZ has learned. According to an incident report, obtained by TMZ, cops were called to the W Hotel in Atlanta early Sunday afternoon, where the body of Kier “Junior” Spates’ assistant, Bryan Cooke, had been discovered in his room … with blood and vomit coming from his nose and mouth.

Bryan Cooke (L) with Kier “Junior” Spates (R); via Instagram

Spates asked hotel staff to check on Cooke after he didn’t respond to him — the two ‘Steve Harvey’ employees were supposed to catch a flight to L.A. later that day. When no one answered, staff went in to find Cooke lying face down on his bed, and cold to the touch.

Junior Pays Emotional Tribute To His Friend

Shortly after Cooke’s passing, Junior took to social media to mourn the death of his best friend. In doing so he praised Bryan Coke for always being there for him and for being better than him.

Junior: “Today was the hardest day I have ever gone through! God is still in control. I lost my best friend today. He was actually my brother. We were friends since I was 16. I have no words. I am going to pull through for you Bryan Cooke. I won’t let you down. I love you and miss you. God must have needed a Titan in heaven today. Please keep his family in prayer and lifted up. I want to say thank you for keeping me in check through all my successes. You was the first to say man you got it. Thank you brother for keeping me focused. The world is hurt today. Your impact was truly felt. You made me a Man today. You said you was gone do it, I just didn’t know it was going to be like this. Thank you for all you taught me. Took me all day to type this. Just greet me when I walk through those gates!!! Show me around. See you Cooke. Truth be told, you was always better than me and I knew it. You did too. Thank you Lord for sending me the person I needed! The fight over Cooke! You won! #onemanarmy #RIH”

He also shared a post to uplift the spirits of himself and all others who have lost loved ones:

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The pain in Junior’s tribute is evident and words cannot express enough, just how truly sorry we are to hear about the death of the brotha who touched so many in his own way. Our condolences to Bryan Cooke’s family, friends, and everyone at “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” Rest well Bryan.