So Wrong! Internet Drags Magic Johnson Into Charlie Sheen’s HIV Reveal

Posted On : November 17, 2015

fb magic johnson and charlie sheenHere we are in the world of the internet, where people have the liberty to be their free, uninhibited selves, and unfortunately in some cases, folks just take things way too far. Some tend to build up a ton of courage as they sit behind their mobile phones and keyboards attempting to think up the most disrespectful nonsense to say to others on social media. We call them ‘social media pseudo thugs’- you know those who would be the loudest ones on social media talking a whole lotta smack, but in real life they’re the total opposite and would probably be the quietest ones in the room because their too timid to speak up? Well after Charlie Sheen went public Monday night (11-16-25) to announce that he has been HIV positive for four years, the social media pseudo thugs have come out in full force. They have been outright disrespectful to Charlie Sheen and have now dragged NBA legend, Magic Johnson, into this heartless mockery of a display.

Typically we wouldn’t post such ignorance, but we thought it was important to shed light on how irresponsible people can be, because maybe this small ray of light might help someone who may be like this, actually realize their level of heartlessness regarding such a serious disease, and have a change of heart. So with that said, feast your eyes on a few of the disrespectful memes we came across about Magic Johnson and Charlie Sheen…
magic johnson and charlie sheen meme1magic johnson charlie sheen meme3magic johnson and charlie sheen meme4magic johnson and charlie sheen meme5HIV and AIDS is not something that anyone should make light of, but for some reason, the social media pseudo thugs thought it was a cool thing to do today. I can only hope that they, or anyone they love, are never faced with the disease, because it would probably be no laughing matter to them then.

magic johnson4On the brighter side of things, Magic Johnson has just publicly reached out to Charlie Sheen on Twitter to suggest that they start working together to help save lives and educate people about HIV. Here’s what Magic posted:

“I wish @CharlieSheen and his family the best. With the advancement in treatments and medicine he can fight this disease and live a long life.”

“In @CharlieSheen breaking his silence, I hope he joins me in educating the world about HIV/AIDs.”