‘Someone Got A Pass’…Terry Crews Is Livid That His Sexual Assaulter Is Back At Work

Posted On : November 28, 2017

After serving a one-month suspension and being demoted from a position as the head of motion pictures for William Morris Endeavor (WME), agent Adam Venit is back at work. Terry Crews is none too happy about his return and the way that the agency has treated his sexual assault allegations against Venit. He took to Twitter on Monday afternoon to express his outrage.

(L) Adam Venit, (R) Terry Crews

SOMEONE GOT A PASS,” Crews wrote in all caps referencing the announcement by The Hollywood Reporter.

Ever since Crews filed a formal police report with the LAPD and went public with an interview on Good Morning America (GMA), the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has been attacked on social media and warned about outing Venit. Crews isn’t letting anybody get away with trying to belittle, nor intimidate him. He’s posting all the receipts on Twitter.

On Nov. 19, the day after his GMA sit-down with Michael Strahan, Crews got an email from Radar Online, threatening to run a false story about Crews hiring prostitutes. He knew that going head-to-head with one of the most powerful men in Hollywood would be the fight of his life, but Crews is not backing down.

“1 day after my @GMA interview, @radaronline threatened me w/a false story abt me hiring 2 hookers at the 2015 Monte Carlo TV Festival,” Crews wrote captioning the email from the media outlet. “It never went 2 press because it was a lie. This was not a coincidence. I told you they were coming 4 me, I also told you I am ready.”

The same day, Crews posted an email he received from Russell Simmons on Nov. 3, telling him to give Venit a pass and ask that he be reinstated. Crews responded to Simmons on Twitter: “Dear @uncleRUSH– NO ONE GETS A PASS.”

Terry Crews; Russell Simmons

A particularly disturbing post, that Crews posted today, was a letter which included a marked up Huffington Post article written by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel. In the article, Emanuel called for Hollywood to blackball Mel Gibson for making anti-Semitic remarks to a cop back in 2006. Crews replaced Gibson’s name with Venit’s and the words “racism and bigotry” with “sexual assault” and gave it to Emanuel. Crews said that Emanuel remarked, “it’s different” and handed the letter back to the actor. Does that mean different as in “not the same,” or different as in “not as important”?

The bottom line is that Crews has declared war against the pervasive and persistent predatory culture in Hollywood and the cards are stacked against him. But just as Emanuel wrote in that Huffington Post article, “there are times in history when standing up against bigotry and racism is more important than money.” For Crews, the crime is sexual assault. And if he wins the fight, WME stands to lose more than money…