Son Of Gospel Star Kirk Franklin Claims He’s Trying To Kill Him And Fans Stunned

Posted On : July 29, 2018

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What many people may not know is that gospel legend, Kirk Franklin, has an older son named, Kerrion Franklin. The father and son don’t have the best relationship and Kerrion is the alleged black sheep of the fam.’ Recently, Kerrion took to social media to make some outrageous claims about his Pops, that has tainted the performer’s christian image.

Kerrion Franklin Alleges His Father Is Trying To Kill Him:

Kerrion (born in 1988) is from Kirk Franklin’s son from his first marriage, when Kirk became a father at age 17. Not only did Kirk have a child before his current 22-year long marriage, but his wife, Tammy, has a daughter- Carrington (born in 1989; whom Kirk legally adopted). Kirk and Tammy also have two children together- daughter, Kennedy (born in 1997), and son, Caziah (born in 2000).

According to Black Christian News, the reason that the father and son’s relationship is strained, is because Kerrion’s personality doesn’t support Kirk Franklin’s christian beliefs. On Instagram, he Kerrion is known as Dragon Sacrifice , where he refers to himself as a producer, director, and editor. Last month, Kerrion made some shocking allegations against his own father. According to Kerrion, he believes that Kirk s trying to have him killed. Kerrion posted the statement on Instagram and then deleted it.

It’s unclear why Kerrion and Kirk had a turbulent relationship, but it’s hard to believe that Kirk would try to kill his own son. The gospel singer once opened up and shared how being a young father robbed him of his childhood. In an interview with Chron, Kirk Franklin spoke about his difficult childhood.

Details Of Kirk Franklin’s Difficult Childhood:

While Kirk Franklin attended church as a child, he also was surrounded by drugs, due to many of his family members having struggled with addiction. His life lacked stability and direction, which according to led Kirk, led to him becoming a father at a young age. Struggling to find himself in life, the gospel star was headed down the wrong path, before he met his mentor and pastor, Tony Evans, of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas. Kirk has acknowledged  that he fathered a baby with a girl at 15.  He also admitted to paying for the girl’s abortion. It has been no secret that Franklin had troubling family issues he experienced as a youth because he’s made it well known in the media:

“There was incest in our family, as a kid. There was some abuse. I was a little boy. My little sister— there was some rape. There were some ugly images that we got introduced to as kids at about the age of 8. So from about the age of 8 to about 29, I struggled with that [pornography]. Not only pornography, but I was very promiscuous,” Kirk Franklin told  Sway in the Morning on Sirius/XM Channel 45 in an interview.

At a time in his life, when he was looking for love and acceptance, Kirk Franklin met  pastor Tony Evans, when he was 28 years old. Forever grateful for Evans’ guidance, Franklin now mentors teens to help children who lack positive role models:

“It’s very difficult. I’ve worked with kids in a youth ministry in California,” said Kirk Franklin to The Chron. “Every time I see these kids I wonder if I’m building them or reprogramming. I see them on Sunday and no matter how engaging or culturally relevant I am, they leave me and go back to the world on Monday where having sex is not a big thing, using drugs is not a big thing. They’ve got to work through that stuff every day. It’s a difficult task, but not impossible.”

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Despite Franklin’s rough upbringing and the struggles he endured, he is one of the leading gospel artists in the world, selling millions of albums, and touring all over the globe.  He’s loved by his fans and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. However, it is heartbreaking that he hasn’t seem to repair the relationship with his eldest son, Kerrion, who appears to be trying to desperately gain some type of reaction and/or attention from Kirk, in his own way.