Son Of Angie Stone And D’Angelo Is A Grown Man Now, Following In Their Musical Footsteps

Posted On : April 4, 2022
(L) D’Angelo; (R) Angie Stone

For those of us who may not be up on the relationship history of D’Angelo and Angie Stone, let us first catch you up to speed: They dated for four years, while Angie was at the height of her career and D’Angelo was just starting to make us bob our heads to “Brown Sugar” in the mid-’90s. Angie is 13 years older than her “How Does It Feel” ex…but for them, age wasn’t nothin’ but a number. D’Angelo was legal and that’s all that matters.

Throwback photo of Angie Stone and D’Angelo with their then toddler son, Michael Archer Jr.

They were seriously in love, but due to ignorant music industry politics, most of the public was not aware that Angie and D’Angelo were an item, let alone were a madly in love couple who had just had a baby boy together in 1998.

Why is that you ask? Well because whomever was calling the shots at D’Angelo’s label, or in his camp at that time, wouldn’t allow him to have his woman on his arm in public, for fear that it would ruin his sex symbol image. And we also can’t overlook the elephant in the room — that our girl, Angie, is a very beautiful woman, but she didn’t fit the ‘trophy girlfriend’ stereotype that these stereotypical industry execs expect to see on their star singer’s arm, and that’s really foul.

Meet Michael Archer Jr., Son Of D’Angelo & Angie Stone

Michael Archer Jr. a.k.a. Swayvo Twain – son of D’Angelo and AngieStone


Throwback: 2016 post from Angie Stone, with her and D’Angelo’s son, Michael Archer Jr. (via Twitter)

Okay, now that we’ve given that quick history on D’Angelo and Angie, y’all have GOTS to check out their son now. He’s named after his father and his name is Michael Archer Jr. He is now a 24-year-old rap artist, who goes by the stage name, Swayvo Twain.

[L] Swayvo Twain (Angie Stone and D’Angelo’s son) with [R] rapper, Lil Boosie
Check out the music video for one of Swayvo Twain’s latest releases, “Dive In,” below…

Watch Son Spit Bars With Angie Stone

It also looks like Jr. is taller than both of his parents now. Watch the video clip below to check out Angie Stone rapping a few bars with her son and her former Sequence group member…this is CLASSIC…

Angie Stone Gives More Details About Relationship With D’Angelo

As far as Angie’s and D’Angelo’s relationship, Angie said that D’Angelo’s self esteem wasn’t very high when they were together, but she says she helped him with that. See what other details Angie revealed about their relationship…

This is what Angie revealed, to Essence Magazine, about why she and D’Angelo’s relationship didn’t withstand the ups and downs:

“When I was dating him [D’Angelo], he wore glasses, had short hair, and his pants were hanging down to his butt. He was just a 19-year-old kid with big shorts and nobody cared and no one saw his beauty but me. And I told him, you are beautiful. I promise you when your record drops your lips are gonna become famous, your eyes – everything will become famous. She then went on to say: He couldn’t see it because his self-esteem wasn’t where it is today. He didn’t even have an image and his hair was really short so I braided his hair with thread for his first album cover. It wasn’t until Brown Sugar came out that people actually took a good look at him and said, ‘You know what? He’s fine.’ Then all of a sudden, he’s so fine he shouldn’t be with me.”

Angie also said that they were so in sync with each other that they began to act alike:

“When you’re with someone you become them, we started to become each other and pick up each other’s musical habits. So where he was in his life as an individual had a lot to do with how he expressed those songs. Angie had nothing bad to say about D’™Angelo, in closing she says, To set the record straight, D’Angelo is a genius and he doesn’t need Angie or anybody to make him who he is. What people need to know is that we were in love with each other so my presence, my spirit, my gift, all of that flowed into our relationship.”

The good thing is that Angie and D’Angelo are still cool as ever. Years later, they even performed together, as seen in the above shot of them on stage in Australia, holding hands. Gotta love successful co-parenting!