Son Of Temptations Singer, David Ruffin, Co-Wrote These Classic ’90s Rap Songs…Fans Stunned

Posted On : November 14, 2022
(L) David Ruffin with son, David Jr.; (R) David Ruffin

The son of late Temptations singer, David Ruffin, has been very instrumental in some of the most timeless rap songs from the ’90s. His name is David Ruffin Jr. and he is not only a song-writer, but a singer like his Dad as well. When we think of David Ruffin, we think of The Temps and soul R&B, which is why we were pretty surprised that his son was so instrumental in the rap culture, helping to create some classic that’ll probably be around for many generations to come…


(R) Late Temptations singer, David Ruffin ; (L) his son, David Ruffin Jr.

After doing a lil’ research on David Ruffin Jr. we’ve learned that when he told his dad he wanted to rap instead of sing, his Pops reportedly told him, “Well I ain’t backing you up on a fad. Let me know when you’re ready to sing!” . We now understand why his dad was so adamant about Jr.’s other musical abilities. Check out the songs he helped Snoop Dogg, Tupac and others create…


David Ruffin Jr.

Snoop Dogg might not be the legendary Snoop that he is today, if it hadn’t been for his 1993 classic, “Gin and Juice,” setting his career on fire. It is David Ruffin Jr. we can partly thank for that, because he wrote the timeless hook: “Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice/ Laid back (with my mind on my money and my money on my mind)”

Classic indeed! David Jr. also revealed that he worked on several Death Row Records albums, helping to create Dr. Dre’s “B*t*hes Ain’t S*it” (Chronic album); Snoop Dogg’s songs, “The Shiznit” (Doggystyle album) and Gs Up Hoes Down (Doggystyle Album); Tupac’s “Ambitionz Az A Ridah” (All Eyez On Me album), and he also worked on songs from the “8 Mile” and “Poetic Justice” soundtracks, among others.

As you can see, the brotha’s pretty talented, and has found a way to combine his love for hip hop with his soulful singing ability. David Jr. can SANG just like his daddy too…


David proved that he can get down with the best of ’em, just like his pops. He’s a singer who’s released several songs throughout the years. Below is David Ruffin Jr.’s music video, “Cry Cry Cry. David Sr. would probably be beaming with pride right about now. Check it out and tell us what you think on Facebook.