Spinderella Confessed How NBA Baby Daddy Left Her, But “Whatta Mighty Good Man” She Has Now

Posted On : June 10, 2019

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Spinderella Knew It Was Over When This Happened…
Spinderella realized Kenny Anderson (pictured above, center) wasn’t coming back, after she says he’d never returned from a ‘celebration’ for their daughter’s birth:

“He went out to celebrate and never came back,” claimed Spinderella.

She Wanted To Get Married, Anderson Didn’t…

Spinderella: “I did plan to get married. But I can’t shackle him and drag him to the altar”

Years later, it was revealed that Anderson’s relationship was strained with several of his children.

Meet Their Daughter & New Grandbaby…

It’s unclear what Kenny Anderson’s relationship is like with Christenese a.k.a. Christy- the daughter he shares with Spin.’ However, if Christy and her boyfriend’s recent baby shower is any indication of their current bond, then it may non-existent, as Kenny seemingly was from the photos of his daughter’s joyous occasion.

Spinderella’s daughter, Christy, and her baby, Tatum [Instagram]
Christy gave birth to her son, Tatum, on March 29, 2019. She also posted the above photo and wrote this touching message to her baby boy online, when he made his grand entrance into the world:

“Tatum Lorens 3/29/19. I’ve waited for you my whole life ❤️”

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