Statue Of Michael Jackson Taken Down in England

Posted On : March 8, 2019

Billboard magazine reported that the statue of Michael Jackson was took down this week from a popular sports museum in England. Some say that this was because of the recent airing of the Michael Jackson documentary that was aired on HBO.

“The documentary has set social media ablaze with deeply passionate reactions on both sides of a deep divide. While many celebrities and fans have spoken out in support of Robson and Safechuck, Jackson’s family and supporters have defended the singer and called his accusers’ credibility into question”. Billboard Magazine

People Would Rather Forget

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To say that Michael Jackson will be remembered by many people around the world for years to come is an understatement. Literally. It’s hard to forget Jackson. His music and his terrible allegations. There are hundreds of memorabilia worldwide that promote the late mega-superstar.

But, the part 2 documentary that has aired about Jackson’s alleged inappropriate and criminal past has come to light again. This time with his accusers speaking out on very descriptive and explicit accusasions that involved them and Jackson.

James Safechuck and Wade Robson said that Jackson fondled them and tried to rape them from when they were 7 up unto when they were 14. They said Jackson made the then two kids watch him do sexual acts and made them watch. Jackson also said that he taught one of them how to French kiss.

These details have obviously disturbed many people and has effected those that are in the Jackson family and now we are seeing the immediate backlash from people around the world.

As a side note the 7 foot 6 inch statue was originally put up by a former English soccer team owner.  Mohamed Al Fayed who owned a soccer team in England was criticized first for having a statue of Michael Jackson outside of a famous soccer sports arena. Soccer is a big deal in England and a Statue of Michael Jackson was demeaning for fans to see placed in front of the team that they rooted for.

Eventually the team got a new owner and he immediately took down the statue. But the owner had it put up at the “National Football Museum” in England.

Earlier In February another wax statue of Michael Jackson was also removed from an overseas European Danish mall in Copenhagen, Denmark. A spokesperson from the mall said that they too weren’t going to have the statue still present in the Mall and deal with the complaints that came with it.