Stephanie Mills Confessed Having Big Crush On A Rapper We Didn’t Expect

Posted On : August 4, 2021
Stephanie Mills

A while back Stephanie Mills did an interview with radio personality, Egypt, on Atlanta’s V103. She talked about several things, but the most shocking of it all was what rapper she said she was crushin’ on big time! Scroll down to see who he is…

Who’s Her Crush?

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Stephanie Mills was crushin’ on none other than the late, great TUPAC SHAKUR! That’s who Stephanie said she would have loved to date back in the day! Can you believe that?!! Here’s what she said:

STEPHANIE: My favorite- my all favorite time rapper is Tupac. See I could have been Tupac’s girlfriend.

EGYPT: Stephanie… wait, stop stop stop stop. Stephanie Mills just said she could have been Tupac’s girlfriend. I’m done.

STEPHANIE: You know I could’ve. I love Tupac. Oh my God yeah.

Okay here’s the question: What would it have been like had Stephanie actually dated ‘Pac? We put together this fun, hypothetical list of a few bumps in the road that we think that relationship would have faced:

1. Stephanie would have had to probably fight Madonna over him. Yep, Pac was dating Madonna in the ’90s. Madonna just confirmed their relationship in recent years on the “Howard Stern Show.”

2. Quincy Jones’s daughter, Kidada Jones, wouldn’t have been too happy if Stephanie and Tupac would’ve hooked up. As most of you all already know, Kidada was dating Tupac at the time of his death, and she had his face tattooed on her arm…now, that’s love on a whole ‘notha level right there.

Tupac and his then-wife, Keisha Morris

3. Stephanie Mills and Kidada would have had to also deal with Keisha Morris. Keisha was Pac’s wife up until just 3 months prior to his passing. She’s not in the entertainment industry, and most people didn’t find out about her until after Pac died. Turns out, ‘Pac got married to Keisha in August of ’95 while he was imprisoned. Their marriage was annulled 10 months later in June of 1996 (after Pac was released from prison). Sadly, just three months later, in September of ’96, ‘Pac was tragically killed. Keisha said Tupac always told her that he didn’t want her to be thrown into the drama surrounding him, so they agreed to end their marriage.

4. Overall, Stephanie Mills would have probably had to be a ride-or-die-chick, which is something that totally does not fit the mold of the classy lady we all know Ms. Mills to be.

Simply put, a relationship between Stephanie Mills and Tupac would’ve likely been an oil-and-water type of blend.

‘Pac was like an updated version of Gil Scott-Heron when it came to his music – very wise, real, and controversial lyrical content. However, with the ladies in his life, ‘Pac seemed more like Prince, or maybe even basketball legend, Wilt Chamberlain…well, maybe not Wilt (and his infamous 20,000-women sex claim)…but you all get my point.

On the flip side, Stephanie seemed like she was always a good girl, so the only thing she probably could have done for ‘Pac in regards to a relationship, was use the 14 year age difference that she had over ‘Pac, to calm him down and offer him wisdom about life. Stephanie’s still got it though – beautiful voice, beautiful face, curves and all, and she’s making 64 look like the new 44!