Stephanie Mills Flaunts Her Lucious 60 Yr Old Curves In Swimsuit & All We Can Say Is ‘Good Gawd!’

Posted On : December 29, 2017

Here at ILOSM, we’ve been fans of the legendary Stephanie Mills since “Never Knew Love Like This Before,” “Home,” “I’ve Learned To Respect The Power of Love,” and more. Just like those beautiful memories, Stephanie Mills gave us in the 1980’s, she’s just created some more memorable moments that her fans will thank her for.

A few months ago, Stephanie turned 60 -Happy belated b-day Steph!’ Yeah, I called her ‘Steph’ because in my mind, we’re cool like that, LOL. Anywho, Ms. Mills is just as sexy and FINE as she ever was. So in case anyone doubted if there was such a thing as in being ageless, Stephanie has proven those naysayers ALL the way wrong.

I’ve been seeing Mills flaunt her bangin’ body in spandex dresses and such in recent years, however, I had not seen her in a sexy swimsuit since her 1989 “Comfort of a Man” video…

Welp folks, it’s a new day, but ain’t nothing changed about Ms. Mills’ now 60 year old curves. In an online post, Stephanie showed off her body in a bronzed colored swimsuit and we give her a big round of applause and an old school fist bump for how she’s keeping it together in ALL areas. Check out her bikini body post below…

2017: Stephanie Mills out here living her best life

Celebrating 60 years of me ❤️

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Now, of course we cannot talk about Stephanie Mills, without talking about her beautiful love, which is another thing that has not changed in decades. She’s still out here doing her thang on stage. Check out one of recent performances, where she nailed it on her and the late Teddy Pendergrass’ recording of “Feel the Fire”…