Stephanie Mills’ Son Refuses To Let His Disability Stop Him..He’s Just Made Major Power Move

Posted On : May 29, 2019

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Legendary R&B singer, Stephanie Mills, is incredibly proud of the major accomplishment her special needs son has just made and she wants all of you to support her son’s efforts.

In case you didn’t know, the “home” songstress’ adult son, Farad J. Mills, has down syndrome, and he is one of the coolest, warmest souls ever. For years, Mills has kept he son and his identity pretty private, but now that Farad is a teen with ambitions of his own, she’s proudly showing him off to the world and we are LOVING it!

First Up, Meet Stephanie Mills Son, Farad J. Mills…

Stephanie Mills son, Farad J. Mills [Instagram]
Introducing the son of Stephanie Mills, Farad J. Mills. In February 2019, Farad turned 18 and Ms. Mills took to social media to share a touching homage to her seed:

“He is the love of my life! I have been Blessed beyond measure, however there is no bigger Blessing from God than my son! I love my son for who he is. I can’t Thank God Enough for Blessing me with you. I always try to provide him with the best of everything that includes unconditional love, forever peace, support, and a caring heart. I love you Farad J.”

Not only is Farad J. a kind hearted individual, the brotha can also play guitar and knows how to cut up with his Moms on stage. Peep exhibit A below…

Now that we are well acquainted with Stephanie Mills son, scroll down to see why she’s asking for your support for his latest accomplishment…

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