Stephanie Mills Tells Real Deal About Dating & Spending Nights With Michael Jackson

Posted On : April 25, 2015

We almost forgot about this interview Stephanie Mills did a few years ago on the Monique Show, but I just so happened to lay my eyes on this video again this morning and let me tell you something, Stephanie is the REAL DEAL!

stephanie-mills-e1431379093922She ain’t holding ANYTHING back about the intimate relationship she had with the late, great Michael Jackson! Not only is our girl, Stephanie, a powerhouse singer that will blow most of these young girls in the industry today out of the building, she is a real down to earth woman, who doesn’t seem to have much to hide about herself and that’s why we love us some Stephanie. Check out all of the details she spilled about her intimacy with MJ.

Stephanie Mills: “At that time, I was what- 15, 16 years old – and every girl in America wanted to be with Michael Jackson. And I just KNEW that I was gonna be Mrs. Michael Jackson. Now …I will say this, he was TRULY my boyfriend, now I don’t know if I was his girlfriend, but he was TRULY my boyfriend, okay?!! And we spent a LOT of time together. I got a chance to spend a LOTTA time with him, especially when…well, he would come to the show [“The Wiz” Broadway play Stephanie was starring in as “Dorothy” at the time] almost everyday and sit back and watch…and I got a chance to go to the house. So we became really, really, really, really good friends and I was REALLY in love. I just knew I was gon’ be Mrs. Michael Jackson. […]

I was washing his clothes, I stayed with him on Sutton [inaudible]. … I made rice for him one day and he said the rice was real runny, because I can’t cook -I don’t profess to cook- but he ate it. I was trying to cook for him (LOL).”

When Mo’Nique jokingly said, “Now that sounds like an overnight visit…did you go to Never-Neverland?!!” Stephanie laughed, then replied:

“YEEEESSS! …Well, I will say this, I used to spend a lot of time [with Michael] and I did spend the night, but [she pauses] I did, I just spent the night (LOL).”

Clearly, there was more to Stephanie Mills’ story than what she gave and that was evident in her body language during her interview. See what else she had to say in the video below.

What did I tell you?!! Stephanie kept it all the way REAL in that one and did you catch that look on Monique’s face after she told her audience “Mind y’all damn business, she spent the night!” Her facial expression was priceless!

MJ seems to have had a strong effect on the ladies because Stephanie wasn’t the only who spoke out about her time with the King of Pop. Chilli from the hit making group, TLC, got real candid about her Michael Jackson encounters too. Chilli’s video confession is going to¬†crack you up also. Check it out here…