Steve Harvey Sued, Accused Of Using Charities For Fraud, Blames Oprah & Tyler Perry For His Mishaps With Finances

Posted On : December 8, 2017

Steve Harvey hasn’t had the best year, and it looks like things just got worse. According to TMZ, the Family Feud host is now facing a lawsuit that could uncover more legal mishaps where his finances are concerned. It has been reported that Steve is being accused of charity fraud.

Millions Defrauded:

According to the Daily Mail, back in April, Steve Harvey hired an investor named Vincent Dimmock to raise funds for the Steve and Marjorie Foundation. The couple had a fundraising goal of $20 million. Of that $20 million, Harvey reportedly agreed to pay Dimmock 12% of the revenue raised. Dimmock managed to deliver on his end of the bargain, securing sizable donations from many of his high-end connections. Dimmock is said to have received donations from “A-list entertainers and political figures including a former President,” reports EurWeb.

He ultimately surpassed the $20 million goal. He was supposed to receive a commission in the amount of $2.7 million of the funds raised but Harvey and his wife allegedly failed to make good on their promise, according to the lawsuit filed. Dimmock claims Harvey refused to pay him and he alleges that the comedian/actor never planned to pay him for his services. But in addition to the lawsuit, Dimmock has spilled the tea about something else and now fans are really giving the comedian the side eye.

Pushing the Blame Off:

Despite Steve and Marjorie being the founders of the charity, he’s actually blaming others for the mishandling of its finances. According to several reports, Dimmock claims Harvey blamed “bad advice” for his financial woes. During one of their meetings in May of this year, Dimmock recalled Harvey blaming billionaire Oprah Winfrey and film producer and actor Tyler Perry for poor financial advice. This claim has many people scratching their heads because its hard to believe two of the most successful African-Americans in film would give Steve bad advice. So, either Vincent Dimmock is lying or Steve is making excuses. However, this situation is probably far from over. Since there’s a lawsuit involved, these two will probably be battling for quite some time.

But despite Dimmock’s claims, Harvey’s agent has a totally different perspective of him.