Stevie Wonder’s ‘Cousin’ Was Jailed In A Multimillion Plot Against Him

Posted On : May 16, 2019

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The Old School saying goes, ‘Blood is thicker than water,’ but in the case of Stevie Wonder and his so-called cousin, that dynamic motto actually works in the opposite direction. Blood ain’t always ‘thicker than water’…especially when money’s involved. This is a lesson learned a few years ago when he was faced with an extortion plot that threatened to “embarrass” him and his kids.

In 2012, Alpha L. Walker, who was reported by Billboard as Stevie Wonder’s ‘cousin,’ as well as Alpha’s the girlfriend, Tamara E. Diaz, ended up serving jail time, after being busted in a sting operation that brought down their reported extortion attempt.

The Vindictive Video Footage Against Stevie
According to Billboard, Alpha L. Walker told Stevie’s attorney that they were about to ‘sell a film ranting against the singer’s treatment of his family for millions of dollars.’ The film painted Stevie as a heartless family member, who cares nothing about how his family is living:

A police detective described the film as an 80-minute rant against Wonder. Portions of it were filmed in the former home of the singer’s late mother, which is now dilapidated, and it also shows Wonder’s son, who the musician is protective of. Walker, 38, accused the musician of being “a slumlord” and made derogatory comments about the singer’s mother, two witnesses said. …

“It was a continuous rant about the injustices that had been done to him – in his opinion – by Mr. Morris and that Mr. Morris was the cause of him having all of these issues in his life,” Los Angeles Police Detective Tracey Benjamin testified.

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