Stevie Wonder’s Sister Was Found Deceased In Reportedly One Of The Saddest Conditions Ever

Posted On : February 3, 2023

The year, 2018, was a tragic one for music icon, Stevie Wonder. The world watched as he cried during a television appearance, while mourning the death of his dear friend, Aretha Franklin. However, little did most fans know, it was just three months prior to Aretha’s passing, that Wonder’s younger sister died, as well. Stevie was – and probably still is -dealing with the weight of his grief.

What’s equally as heartbreaking is that Stevie’s beloved sister was reportedly found deceased in a manner that no one should ever have to suffer.

Details Behind Sister’s Passing & Their Past Family Tension Are Heartbreaking

They Reportedly Grew Apart After Alleged Family Friction

Renee Hardaway was the Lula Mae Hardaway’s six children- Stevie Wonder, Larry, Milton, Renee, and Calvin.

Stevie and Renee seemingly once had a very close relationship. Renee even co-wrote some timeless hit songs with Stevie. But in the years that followed, there was alleged distance between them.

Stevie Wonder with his family: (far left) brother, Timothy; (2nd from left) Mother; (far right) sister, Renee Hardaway

Sadly, Renee’s son eventually had a major dispute with Stevie (we’ll explain in a minute). It’s unclear if that is the reason Stevie and his sis’ reportedly grew apart though.

Stevie’s Sister Was Found ‘Almost Unrecognizable’

It was determined that Stevie’s sister, Renee, passed away on May 13, 2018, at age 56. She seemingly died alone and wasn’t discovered until much later.

According to reports, family members discovered Renee’s body inside her home, but she was allegedly so badly decomposed by that time, that she was ‘almost unrecognizable.’

Throwback photo of Stevie Wonder tasting his Mother’s cooking as his siblings, Timothy, Larry, and Renee look on

Stevie’s Former Co-Writer Spoke Out About His Sister

Susaye Green:

“Saddened to hear of the death of Renee Hardaway, Stevie Wonder’s younger sister. (On the right in the photo) Renee suggested “I Can’t Help It” (which Steve & I wrote,) for Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall”Album. Rest In Peace in Heaven, dear girl. Love you always.”

Here’s Why Stevie Had To Send His Sister’s Son To Prison

In 2012, Stevie had to send a man –who was determined to be his sister, Renee’s son, Alpha Lorenzo Walker— to prison, after a sting operation was conducted. What his nephew allegedly did was foul.

His Nephew’s Alleged Extortion Plot

Stevie cooperated in the sting with cops, to capture his nephew and his nephew’s girlfriend,Tamara Eileen Diaz. They tried to extort him for $5 million, by threatening to lie and tell the media that Alpha was the product of a fake incestuous relationship between Stevie and his sister, Renee. But he eventually got caught.

Nephew Showed Up & The Cops Showed OUT!

Stevie Wonder

Via TMZ:

[Alpha Lorenzo ] Walker…was shut down and eventually lowered his demand to $10,000. …Cops met Walker, claiming to be Stevie’s reps who had the cash, but demanded that he first sign a document which included a statement that his accusations were false. Walker signed, and he was promptly arrested.

Stevie’s Ex Employee Remembers His Sister Beautifully

“Outside of her house she and her friend spoofed the Evelyn Wooden head sped red’n course commercial. She was a delight. Funny and outgoing. I always thought she would be an entertainer. Steve I am so sorry for your loss.” -John Lindsay, Stevie’s former electronics engineer.

Stevie’s Sister Now Resting Peacefully With Their Mother

Renee Hardaway was buried in the same resting place as her and Stevie’s Mother- at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in (Glendale) Los Angeles, CA. May both Queens rest peacefully, and our continued condolences to Stevie and his family.