Still Gangsta: Ice-T Was Ready to Unload on an Amazon Delivery Person Wearing Plain Clothes, Twitter Reacts

Posted On : May 22, 2019

Rapper/Actor Ice-T is a beloved icon from the Hip Hop and entertainment industry. However, people need to remember that this is the same brotha who introduced the term OG (Original Gangster) to the culture. And when it comes to being an OG there are only a handful of others like him who don’t take that term lightly. If you need proof ask the Amazon delivery person who showed up unannounced to Ice’s residence who could have easily ended up with a few letters added to his name as well; R.I.P.

The Realest Of The Real

Ice-T has always told stories about the other side of the game with his cold delivery and slick storytelling. And he’s also been a very controversial figure for his outspoken stance on injustices taking place within our society. Nobody will ever forget how he famously released the song ‘Cop Killer‘ along with heavy metal band Body Count. The track garnered much attention from politicians for it’s graphic lyrics but Ice-T said the song was born from the 1991 beating of Rodney King by four LAPD officers who were all subsequently acquitted, ironically not too long after the song dropped in 1992. Clearly he’s not one to hold back his true feelings, so when he took to Twitter recently to inform Amazon that he almost shot one of its employees he wasn’t saying it to be funny.

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