Supermodel Beverly Johnson Recalls Her Wild Sexcapades With Several Major Celebrities

Posted On : November 16, 2020
Supermodel, Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson (68) is more than just talented. In addition to being a known supermodel, actress, singer, and businesswoman, she’s is strikingly beautiful. For more than 40 years, Beverly has turned the heads of men everywhere -both young and old. But over the years, she’s done much more than turn heads. In fact, she actually shared details about her encounters with men in her memoir, The Face That Changed It All. Apparently, Beverly has had some very wild rendezvous’ with some of the world’s biggest entertainers.

The Long List of Men:

Although Beverly is a lot more tamed down these days, she was quite different in her younger years. In her memoir, she admitted she was carefree back in the day. From Arthur Ashe to Eddie Murphy, Beverly had encounters with many big names in Hollywood.

Dustin Hoffman Was Her Favorite

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The legendary supermodel wrote that she was “constantly being wined and dined by Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and Robert Evans.” But despite all the attention, she admitted Dustin Hoffman was her “favorite because he was just so cute and always told the corniest jokes,” according to the New York Post. Although she wasn’t sexually involved with all of the men she named, but there were a few she did have wild nights with –  namely Arthur Ashe and Mike Tyson.

Her Arthur Ashe Rendezvous

Tennis icon, Arthur Ashe

In the memoir, Beverly revealed things were pretty heated between she and the iconic tennis star. After winning Wimbledon in 1975, Arthur asked Beverly out on a date and that’s how it all started:

“We had all-night lovemaking sessions,” she wrote of Arthur Ashe. “I was forced to pull out a bigger book of tricks to help him get to the point of no return sooner, or risk some serious health issues of my own. Swinging from the chandelier [every night we spent together] was taking its toll on my well-being.”

Enticing Motivation For Tyson:

Mike Tyson

Apparently, her involvement with Mike Tyson started with a phone conversation and a bold statement Beverly blurted out. In the memoir, she even opened up about a conversation she had with Mike Tyson right before a fight. At the age of 20, Mike was knocking out competitors left and right, but what Beverly blurted out may have only added fuel to his fire. She revealed she told Mike, “If you win, I’ll give you some.” As expected, Mike went on to win the fight becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in the history of boxing. Just 19 hours after winning the fight, he was knocking on the then 35-year-old Ms. Johnson’s door:

“Our first time together was nice, if not the most passionate of nights I’d experienced with a man,” she wrote. “Mike was young and still learning how to please a woman, but I very much enjoyed it anyway. Mike was so full of excitement and vigor that it was actually contagious.”

Tyson’s Eye For Beautiful Women:

After months of dating, Mike and Beverly ended their relationship and mutually decided to remain friends. But the boxing champ didn’t stop there. One night at a Russell Simmons party, Mike laid eyes on Naomi Campbell. His ex-manager, Rory Holloway, revealed things moved quite fast from that point on and that shortly after meeting, Mike and Naomi ended up in a bathroom stall and most people probably know exactly what happened. It looks like things heat up quick where the rich and famous are concerned!

Beverly Done Moved On:

Beverly Johnson with her fiancé, Brian Maillian

In 2019, Beverly became a newly engaged woman at the tender age of 67. She and her fiancé/Wall Street financier, Brian Maillian, are living poof that it’s never too late to find love. Best wishes to them and their union.