Suspect Murdered Morgan Freeman’s Granddaughter “In The Name Of Jesus”

Posted On : August 17, 2015

morgan freeman and granddaughter9It has just been confirmed that Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter’s (E’Dena Hines) boyfriend has officially been charged for murder after killing on 8-16-2015 as he said: “In the name of Jesus.” This is CRAZY and SO sad. Details…
Below you will see:

  • Photos of her boyfriend
  • The reason behind why the boyfriend actually murdered E’Dena
  • An eyewitness interview
  • The boyfriend’s best friend’s recollection of hanging out with both E’Dena and her boyfriend just hours before the murder
  • More details about E’dena Hines

Morgan Freeman granddaughter closeupVia DailyMail:

The rapper boyfriend of Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter has been charged with second-degree murder after she…