“Sweetie Pie’s” Son DATING THIS REALITY STAR But Some Question Her Motives

Posted On : November 23, 2016

This one is catching some people by surprise but Miss Robbie’s soN/”Sweetie Pie’s” star, Tim Norman, has now found a new lady, but many are questioning whether or not his woman is being an opportunist, or authentic…


screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-3-37-40-pm Apparently some people are questioning Jennifer's intentions in dating Tim Norman. Check out just of a few of the comments we came across online:

@hart: "This has to be a joke? Is Jennifer using him to get back on TV? I'm not understanding this situation at all."
@bgrits: "Apparently her thirst has no limits!!! I mean look at who she married!"
@TheCaramelMamba: "For some it's about the money and for some it's about the fame. She wants what Evelyn Lozada has. She wants $ and the spotlight. I think she is just trying to get back on TV by any means necessary. That's they only way this makes sense."
@AquariusDude: "Where is Auntie Iyanla when you need her" iyanla-angry-and-bitter-gif
@NurseVirgo: "Unexpected but I guess. Anything for a check..."
@DayanaM: "Chile... I guess this is the only way she could get on OWN"
Those new "Sweetie Pie's" episodes should be interesting.
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