Syleena Johnson Detailed ‘Fist Fight’ She Almost Had With Jaheim..Twice: “He’s Dumb”

Posted On : September 16, 2022

[L] Singer/talk show host, Syleena Johnson; [R] Singer, Jaheim
Singer/talk show host/former “R&B Diva,” Syleena Johnson, once exposed how R&B crooner, Jaheim, lost his temper and was about make her reach back to her Chi-town roots to unleash a can of whip a$$ on him…and vice versa. Jaheim is someone you’d least expect to be getting all up in a woman’s face as though he was about to do something to her…but according to Syleena, that’s exactly what went down. She gave the full story on how she and Jaheim almost had a straight up brawl…twice!

Syleena says it happened during her studio session and that Jaheim started to buck with her. That’s when all hell broke loose…

‘He Walked Up On Me, I Took Off My Boot’

Syleena broke down the the alleged incident to 24/7 Hip Hop, and the way she told the story was so vivid, that we almost felt like we were right their in the room with her and Jaheim when this alleged melee occurred. She said it got so bad they almost came to blows…

Slyeena Johnson: “[Jaheim] started walking up on me. Now I’m from Chicago. Where we’re from, if you walk up on a person in Chicago, that’s an automatic approach. I started to curse him out, I raised my boot at him. I almost fought this dude in the studio. Jaheim cussing me, I’m cussing him. You got this MF-er in my session.”

Geesh! In all fairness, there are two sides to every story and Jaheim has never given his side, as far as we know. Watch Syleena tell the rest of her story in the video up top. She also gave the scoop on where things are with her and Jaheim now.