Syleena Johnson Reveals The Fight She Almost Had With Jaheim, “He’s Dumb”!

Posted On : June 17, 2016

Singer/former ‘R&B Diva,’ Syleena Johnson recently exposed how R&B singer  Jaheim lost his temper and was about make her reach back to her Chi-town roots and grab a can of whip a$$ to him and vice versa. He is someone you would least expect to be getting all up in a woman’s face like he was about to do something to her, but according to Syleena that’s exactly what she said went down.

He Stood Up On Me. Who You Think You Are, Ashanti??

syleena johnson Syleena Johnson gave the full story on how her and Jaheim almost broke out into a fight, twice! In her studio session, Jaheim started to buck...and Syleena talks about what she did next...

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