T-Boz Exposes Her Dad & His Wife For Horrible Things They Reportedly Did To Her

Posted On : September 22, 2017
T-Boz  (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

TLC member, T-Boz¬†released a book, titled “A Sick Life: TLC ‘n Me: Stories from on and Off the Stage.” In it, she’s talking about the many hardships she’s faced throughout her life, including her health and life-threatening illness, sickle cell anemia, as well as the horrible things she says her Pops did to her. T-Boz also exposed her dad’s past girlfriend and his current wife for reportedly doggin’ her as well.

Her Claims About Her Father

In a 2017 interview with The Breakfast Club, T-Boz went into detail about her Pops:
– Her father allegedly dogged her on Christmases and she would sit by the window, crying. One Christmas in particular, T-Boz said that her dad lied and told her he was coming, but that he actually was getting married that day…without telling her. He never called her back that Christmas day and never showed up, according to T-Boz.

– As of 2017, he’d never met her child: T-Boz said that at TLC’s concert, her dad showed up and “fronted for the cameras,” pretending to be a great grandfather to her daughter, Chase. T-Boz said that was a bold faced lie:

“I did a show and he was frontin’ for the cameras basically and was saying, ‘Oh Chase if you ever need to talk…’ He don’t call Chase. He’s never even met Chance, my son, and he’s 2.”

T-Boz with her Mack 10’s daughter, Chase [Instagram]
– T-Boz says her Dad “allowed” his girlfriends to mentally and physically abuse her when she was as young as “8, 7, [and] 6.” “One of them (her dad’s wife), tried to throw me in a bath of hot water,” she said. T-Boz also said that her dad’s then girlfriend would slap her hand out of her own father’s hand whenever T-Boz would hold her dad’s hand as a child. She also revealed that the girlfriend used to blackmail her and slap her food off the table when her dad wasn’t looking. Through all of that, T-Boz revealed that her dad would never say anything in her defense.

T-Boz’s Claims About Dad’s Current Wife

According to T-Boz, her Pops also ended up marrying a woman she says has tried to sleep with two of her boyfriends and her ex-husband (assuming she’s referring to her ex-husband, Mack 10).

“He still with her. […] She tried to sleep with two of my boyfriends and my ex-husband.”

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Does T-Boz Care If Her Dad Will Be Angry

When asked if she’s worried that her current book will damage what little relationship she has with her dad T-Boz made it clear that she does not give a damn what he thinks because “that’s what happened.” She says he’ll have to just man up and own the foul father he was to her. She also made it clear that though , that she loves her Pops and that she’s been at a place of forgiveness, in regards to him, for a long while now:

“As an adult, I just came to the realization of I’m just hurting myself being angry. That’s not gonna change anything ’cause he’s still gonna be who he is. So that’s on God to fix hi, or whether he repents or apologizes…whatever. The bible says ‘I’m supposed to honor thy father,’ so I’ll love him from afar.”

See what else T-Boz said about her father and his wife starting at the 5:50 mark of the video above.

ILOSM family this is another example -for anyone who’s parent(s) may have done some foul things to them- that it is never too late to do what’s best for your peace of mind and free yourself from that childhood pain. Props to T-Boz for sharing so much of her life with others. You can purchase her new book online at Amazon.com, Target.com and several other online outlets, as well as in book stores.