T-Pain Sends Odd Life Threatening Love Message To His Wife & Many Are Pissed

Posted On : April 12, 2018

Singer, T-Pain a.k.a. “Teddy Pend-her-a$$-down,” is catching some flack, getting some laughs, and overall has many talking about his recent love message he wrote to his wife, Amber Najm, of 15 years online. In a weird way, it was loving and life threatening at the same damn time. Depending on how well you’re familiar with T-Pain, determines how you take the jokes within his love letter. Some folks are calling him all kinds of jerks and A-holes, while others are laughing hysterically at his humor. Check out what all the mayhem is about below…

T-Pain’s Controversial Love Message

The 32 year old “Buy You A Drank” hitmaker had his wife’s Instagram comments LIT, when he decided to jump in them and post a lengthy message that made him look like “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” It all started when Amber posted a lovey dovey photo of herself and T-Pain, with a caption that read, “Night out with T-Pain” and the words “I love you so much,” were written on the photo.

It didn’t take long for T-Pain to hop into his wife’s comments and leave his love message, which started off with a normal type of lovey dovey message:

“I love you so much baby,” T-Pain wrote. “I see ppl hatin on us so much and I bet they’ve never experienced love nowhere near the levels you give me. You’ve dealt with so much bullshit from me and came out of it a new woman with new goals and I can’t believe how dope you are. You are a gift from god and I can confirm this from many different angles and proof.

Then came the “Mr. Hyde” part of T-Pain’s letter, which clearly was a joke:

“If I catch you with another nigga I’m gonna kill both of y’all with a deadly weapon for sure but I’ll lave you for last because I’m a fu*kin gentleman. That’s how much I love you lady. Enjoy the worship.”

Fans Sound Off

Y’all already know the reactions to T-Pain’s letter were endless and priceless. In fact, we just grabbed some popcorn over here and sat back and scanned through comment after comment for a minute.

Fans gave Pain mixed reactions. Some fans were slammin’ the hell outta T-Pain for having the nerve to make jokes about domestic violence and murder, understandably so.

Then there were many other fans who are very familiar with his personality, they already know he has a very comical since of humor and oftentimes is known to crack jokes about himself and/or others around him. They also knows that he loves his wife to death and always talks about their relationship in a very open way- almost too open at times, but that’s a whole ‘notha story.




After all of the backlash and hype surrounding her husband’s comment, Amber apparently couldn’t take the heat in that kitchen and decided to turn off all comments underneath their post.

T-Pain Reacts To Backlash

T-Pain then posted a video message that showed Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg being bombarded by the press, as he sat under pressure during his testimony before Congress. Read Pain’s caption though:

The Double Edged Sword

Overall, the thing that has always made T-Pain so likable as an artist, is not only his fire production/song writing skills, but also his ability to unapologetically be himself no matter what. He’s always remained the same person, even when he’s talking about his afflictions- like his on-again-off-again struggles with alcohol, his regret for not always being able to be involved with his kids, due to his dedication to his music career; his past infidelities, etc.. However, in the case of his new love-threat message to is wife, he may have gotten just a tad bit too comfortable with his willingness to be himself in front of the world, because not everyone will take jokes about brutalizing his wife over cheating, as a light hearted laughing matter, just saying. Message to T-Pain: Next time think it out first bruh, before you let those Instagram fingers start talking fam.’

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