Tables Turn? R.Kelly Tells All About Why Girlfriend’s Parents Really Made Claim Against Him

Posted On : May 9, 2018

R. Kelly (51) is to be ready to get more pro-active about speaking out on the allegations that are starting to gain steam regarding the newly organized #MuteRKelly movement. After he was just spotted at a mall, getting affectionate with his 22 year old boo-thang, Joycelyn Savage (if y’all missed that video footage, see it HERE), he’s now spilling the beans about her parents’ claims. And he had a LOT to say…

November 2017: R. Kelly with Joycelyn Savage, 22 (L) and his then girlfriend, Halle Calhoun, 22 (R) at Snoop Dogg’s and wife, Shante Broadus’ party; screenshot via Halle Calhoun’s Instagram

R. Kelly Tells All

Kellz apparently contacted TMZ to drop a few dimes on them about what he says are the real motives behind Joycelyn’s parents sparking those now infamous ‘sex cult’ rumors:

Via TMZ– R. Kelly’s had enough with accusations he’s holding women hostage to serve as his sex slaves … straight-up saying it’s all just a ploy to get into his pockets and tarnish his legacy. R. Kelly tells TMZ … allegations he brainwashed Joycelyn Savage and held her and others captive to be part of a sex cult is a false narrative conjured up by Joycelyn’s father and mother who are sour after the singer turned down their services.

The singer tells us Joycelyn’s father, Timothy, tried getting his attention through Joycelyn about herself and other relatives he thought could have a singing career. When that plan didn’t pan out, Kelly says Timothy fabricated stories — including sex cult tales — and demanded money.

Kelly also points to Joycelyn’s mother, Jonjelyn, getting upset Kelly’s backup dancers didn’t use Jonjelyn’s dresses for his tour. Kelly says Jonjelyn owns a clothing boutique she was trying to get off the ground. What’s more … the singer says Joycelyn’s parents’ claims their daughter was held against her will doesn’t add up, since her mother had previously and on numerous occasions visited Kelly’s place.

Recap Of Parents’ Allegations

Joycelyn Savages’s parents caught media attention with their claims that R. Kelly is holding her ‘hostage’ as a sex slave.

Jocelyn then immediately spoke out in several interviews. She stated she was not being held hostage by R. Kelly, that she wanted to be there, and that it was actually her father who sent her to live with Kelly after her mother introduced her to Kelly backstage at his concert. Following Joycelyn’s revelation, her parents fell outta the public eye for a hot second. However,, after working behind the scenes to devise a new plan of attack against R. Kelly, they recharged and were ready for legal war.

Parents’ Legal Action Against R. Kelly…
In August 2017, Mr. and Mrs. Savage found an attorney to take on their case to fight to forcibly get their adult daughter to return home- a place where Jocelyn has stated on camera she doesn’t wanna be, due to issues she has with her parents.

Via TMZ: Joycelyn Savage’s parents have hired attorneys Gerald A. Griggs and Leif Howard in their “effort to seek the safe return” of their daughter from the singer. […] According to Griggs … the plan is to make contact with R. Kelly’s reps and work with them to get Joycelyn back to her family, even though she is an adult.

Jocelyn’s dad accused R. Kelly of preying on young girls and turning them into ‘sex slaves,’ but he has no evidence to back that up regarding his 22 year old daughter.

True, Kelly may (or may not) prefer to spit game to young naive women, but the keyword here is ‘women,’ which are the only females police have recently found living at Kelly’s homes- all of whom reportedly say they want to be there. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kellz may be guilty of something, but when it comes to Joycelyn Savage, that ain’t it, because there seems to be no wrongdoing there. Thoughts ILOSM fam?

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